White Gold Season 2 Episode 5 airs Wed 3 Apr on BBC-2

Episode 5: Under the guise of a summer holiday, Vincent and his family are off to Malta so he can deliver Ronnie’s dirty pile of cash to a business associate, Mr. Setra (Joplin Sibtain).

After successfully delivering the money, Vincent agrees to have lunch on Mr. Setra’s yacht the following day.

Back at home Lavender decides he must take the ultimate risk and try to win back Sam’s heart before it is too late, telling Jo he needs time off.

With no staff in the office, Jo gives Carol the chance to earn a promotion – offering her Lavender’s job if she proves successful on a day out of door-to-door sales pitches. Initially nervous and reluctant, Carol surprises herself by adopting a confident new persona, charming the first home owners she meets and signing them on to Cachet. Carol continues her winning streak, signing client after client and impressing Jo with her natural sales ability.

Back in paradise, Vincent is seduced by Mr. Setra’s luxurious yacht and his business partner, Mr. Rudd (Ian Swann ), one of Europe’s wealthiest timeshare property developers. The pair offer Vincent a handsome job opportunity in the Spanish Mediterranean coast, but Vincent has one problem: his current employer.

Lavender corners Sam at the resort and confesses his love, but Vincent interrupts and tries to stop him. Sam is frustrated with Lavender’s selfish attempts to ruin the family holiday, resulting in Lavender leaving broken-hearted.

Vincent, desperate to keep his marriage from falling apart after Sam finds out that he already knew about her affair, insists Jo is seeking to destroy him and is behind all their marital troubles.

Shortly after returning home, Vincent receives a call from Mr. Setra informing him that Ronnie has been taken care of.

But where does that leave Jo?

Pictured above is Jo Scott (Rachel Shenton).

Airdate: Wednesday 3 April 2019 from 10.00pm-10.30pm on BBC TWO

Season 2 Episode 5


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