Warbird Workshop: Spitfire Series Premiere | Yesterday | 5 Mar 2020


In hangars and machine shops the length and breadth of Britain a brave bunch of engineers and aviators are battling to keep the UK’s most historic warplanes in the air. From Spitfires to C47 paratroop planes, Cold War jets to helicopters, the skies of 2020 are home to a growing fleet of antique warbirds – 20th Century military aircraft rebuilt or even recreated from scratch.
Fighting a desperate rear-guard action against corrosion and metal fatigue are the engineers.

Their only weapons are skill, ingenuity and tens of thousands of pounds. This new series follows the painstaking work of recreating long-forgotten components from lumps of aluminium; shows ancient engines bursting into life again after decades of silence; and spectates as pilots roar down the runway for the first take-off in years or even decades.

Each show follows the restoration of an iconic plane, telling the stories of the men who flew it; the part it played in military history; and the challenges it now presents its restorers and pilots. We explore the history of the planes, the people and the places in an absorbing series that marries amazing characters, astonishing machinery, riveting history and real life-or-death jeopardy.

Spitfire: The engineering team at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar begin the rebuild of Spitfire MJ772, a war veteran fighter that saw action in the skies over the D Day beaches and the battle to liberate Europe.

The restoration begins with the left wing, torn off in a crash landing in a field in Kent after an engine failure. Chief engineer Franca Tambascia and his young team must replace the main spars and repair damaged metalwork twisted and buckled in the accident. And a VIP visitor, Sgt Pilot David Mitchell, arrives to see the work in progress. Now 94, he still has clear memories of flying MJ772 when he was a young airman flying with 341 Squadron Free French Air Force in 1944.

Series 1 Episode 1

March 5 2020
21:00 — 22:00


Tennis: Wimbledon | BBC One 2 July 12:20pm

Tennis: Wimbledon | BBC One 2 July 12:20pm
Sue Barker and guests keep an eye out for shock upsets and heroic third-round encounters, as the tournament ends its first week with third round singles matches.

Coverage continues throughout the week on BBC One and BBC Two.

July 2 @ 12:20
12:20 — 17:00 (4h 40′)


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Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making | W 4 July 2022

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making | W 4
With an eye for detail, a short course in interior design and bags of enthusiasm, Rochelle Humes, entrepreneur, TV presenter, former pop star and mum of three, creates inspirational spaces for deserving families who are all out of ideas.

Rochelle visits each family to see the problem spaces for herself before getting to work on creating designs, changing layouts and choosing colour schemes for her new clients, supported by friend and mentor, interior designer Sally O’Connor.

Episode 4

Helen & Matt: Rochelle designs a master bedroom for Helen & Matt from Milton Keynes. Helen’s cancer diagnosis had kept her bed-bound, but now recovered, Helen is keen to leave all the bad memories behind.

July 4 @ 20:00
20:00 — 21:00 (1h)


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Freedom : 50 Years Of Pride | Channel 4 2 July 2022

Freedom : 50 Years Of Pride | Channel 4 2
The inspiring and important story of five decades of LGBTQ+ activism, told by the people who were there. This year marks the 50th anniversary of UK Pride. In this feature-length documentary, made in collaboration with Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry, and playwright Joe Robertson and the BFI, Channel 4 looks back at the origins and development of a remarkable movement. With contributions from people with a close relationship to Pride from across the decades – including Olly Alexander, Bimini, Lady Phyll, Sir Ian McKellen, Holly Johnson, Peter Tatchell, Cat Burns, MNEK, Tom Robinson, and Lucia Blayke – it weaves interview testimony and archive material with a series of specially-shot performances at London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern. By turn heart-warming, mischievous, funny, shocking, and moving, this film explores the battles fought and the shifts in attitudes that have characterised queer activism over the last half-century; and explores the ways in which these changes have been influenced by and reflected at Pride. It tells some remarkable personal stories of courage, love, support, anger and determination that have defined 50 years of UK Pride. Part protest, part party, part performance, Pride has been and remains a vital, political, celebratory part of the ongoing battle for LGBTQ+ human rights. Exec Prods: Stephen Daldry, Joe Robertson, Alexander Leith, Simon George, Danielle Peck; Dirs: Peter Sweasey, Kim Maddever, Grace Chapman; Prod Co: BBC Studios

July 2 @ 20:00
20:00 — 21:30 (1h 30′)

Channel 4

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