The Ultimate Guide to British Sitcoms

The situation comedy, or sitcom to give it it’s more well known nom de plume, has always been one of the most popular of TV show genres. It’s a genre that television is particularly well suited for too, the small scale box in the corner (at least until our recent conversion to giant wall dominating LCD screens anyway) perfectly suited to the often domestic tribulations of shows like Meet The Wife, Terry and June, The Good Life and Rising Damp. Not to say that there isn’t room for the way out, almost every concept has found it’s way into sitcomland – from high concept Red Dwarf to the historical antics of Blackadder.

This mammoth A-Z encyclopedia guide pulls together details about every UK sitcom you’ve ever heard of as well as lots you haven’t. From the true icons to the obscure to how on Earth did that get made, they are all here.

Click on the links below to traverse your way through the shows.

Sitcoms A    Abigail and Roger to Atletico Partick
Sitcoms B1 Babes in the Wood to Blandings Castle
Sitcoms B2Bless Me Father to Butterflies
Sitcoms CThe Cabbage Patch to Curry and Chips
Sitcoms DDad to Doctor’s Daughters
Sitcoms D2Doctor Willoughby to Duty Free
Sitcoms E-FEast End West End to The Fuzz 
Sitcoms GThe Gaffer to Grundy
Sitcoms HHaggard to Human Remains
Sitcoms I-KI Didn’t Know You Cared to The Kit Curran Radio Show
Sitcoms LThe Lady Is A Tramp to Luv
Sitcoms MMaggie and Her to Mr Big
Sitcoms M2Mr Digby Darling to My Wife Next Door 
Sitcoms NNathaniel Titlark to Now Take My Wife
Sitcoms OOdd Man Out to Over the Rainbow
Sitcoms P-QPacket of Three to Queenie’s Castle
Sitcoms RRab C. Nesbitt to Running Wild
Sitcoms SSafe and Sound to So Haunt Me 
Sitcoms S2Solo to Sykes
Sitcoms TTake a Letter Mr Jones to Three Up Two Down
Sitcoms T2Thundercloud to Tygo Road
Sitcoms U-VUkridge to The Vital Spark
Sitcoms WThe Wackers to Wyatt’s Watchdogs
Sitcoms XYZ Yanks Go Home to Yus M’Dear