Australia / ABC / 12x30m-e / 1964-65 black and white

Writer: G.K. Saunders / Design: Geoffrey Wedlock / Producer: Storry Walton

A pair of scifi drama serials. In the first three teenagers Bernie and Jean Walsh and Peter Cannon help an alien stranger who is seeking a new home for his people from the planet Soshuniss. In the second serial the kids have to seek the help of the Aussie PM when Peter is kidnapped by the alien and taken to their planet.

With:- JOHN FRASER as Mr Walsh / JESSICA NOAD as Mrs Walsh / BILL LEVIS as Bernard Walsh / JANICE DINNEN as Jean Walsh / MICHAEL THOMAS as Peter Cannon / RON HADDRICK as Adam ‘The Stranger’ Suisse / REGINALD LIVERMORE as Varossa / OWEN WEINGOTT as Professor Mayer