The Good Karma Hospital: Episode 4 | ITV ( Season 3 Episode 4)

AJ returns home from medical school to assist at the hospital on his break, while Greg discovers his daughter, Tommy, is hiding a shocking secret. When Lydia sends Ruby to investigate a possible case of dengue fever at a nearby mission village, Ruby decides to bring along one of her patients, who is searching for his long-lost love.

Episode Title: Episode 4

Airdate:  2020-04-05
Season 3 Episode 4

SHOW TYPE: Scripted
RUNNING TIME:  60 minutes
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
PREMIERE DATE: 2017-02-05

About The Good Karma Hospital

Set in the tropical paradise of Goa, The Good Karma Hospital is a drama with heart. Vibrant and colourful, the contemporary series follows a team of British and Indian medics as they cope with work, life and love at an over-worked and under-resourced cottage hospital.

Run by a gloriously eccentric Englishwoman, the "Good Karma" turns no one away – locals, ex-pats and tourists are all welcomed through its doors.

With a stunning location, exotic medical cases and unforgettable characters, the series mixes the heartbreaking with the humorous, as the doctors, nurses and patients discover that the hospital is more than just a rundown medical outpost – it's a home.


at: 20:00 on ITV