The City and the City | BBC-2 2018 | David Morrissey, Lara Pulver

David Morrissey plays Inspector Tyador Borlú in the BBC Two adaptation of China Miéville’s mind-bending novel The City And The City.
Tony Grisoni adapts this four-part genre-busting thriller from one of Britain’s foremost fantasy writers in a production made by Mammoth Screen.

The body of a foreign student is discovered in the streets of the down at heel city of Besźel. Cases like this are run of the mill for Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad – until his investigations uncover evidence that the dead girl had come from another city called Ul Qoma. But the relationship between the two cities defies comprehension and will challenge everything Borlú holds dear.

David Morrissey as Tyador Borlú
Lara Pulver as Katrynia Borlú
Mandeep Dhillon as Constable Corwi
Maria Schrader as Senior Detective Dhatt
Ron Cook as Commissar Gadlem
Danny Webb as Major Syedr
Christian Camargo as Doctor Bowden
Paprika Steen as Professor Mona Ul-Nadi

UK | BBC Two | 2018


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