Australia / ABC – BBC2 – Cascade / 3x55m-e / 1993

Writer: Ben Elton (from his novel of the same name) / Music: Colin Towns / Titles: Bob Cosford / Design: Laurence Eastwood / Costume: Kerri Barnett / Producers: David Parker, Michael Wearing,Timothy White / Director: Nadia Tess

Drama serial. In the near future when it looks like the world is on the brink of asphyxiation, a group of the worlds richest men (who have helped to bring about the current situation) are plotting to escape into outer space.

 Englishman C.D (Colin Dobson) teams up with the love of his life Rachel (who isn’t the slight bit interested in CD) and a pair of ageing hippies to try and delay the coming of armageddon.  

Cast: BEN ELTON as C.D / COLIN FRIELS as Sly Morgan /  JACQUELINE McKENZIE as Rachel / DERRICK O’CONNOR as Zimmerman / BILL WALLIS as Walter / DEBORA LEE-FURNESS as Chrissie / FIONA PRESS as Karen