SPYFORCE (Channel 9 1971-1972)

Australia / Channel 9 – Roger Mirams – Paramount Pictures Co-Prod. / 42x60m-e / 1971-72

Creators:Roger Mirams, Ron McLean, Brian Wright /  Producer: Roger Mirams / Music: Brian Rangott, Geoff Harvey

Wartime drama series. Exploits of a group of soldiers, specialists in espionage, as they work deep undercover behind enemy lines performing acts of sabotage. The series, although relatively high of budget, made ample use of stock footage, sometimes to its own detriment.

One interesting fact is that Russell Crowe made his debut on the show at the age of six (his parents were caterers on the set).

Cast: JACK THOMPSON as Erskine / KATY WILD as Lt French / REDMOND PHILIPS as Colonel Cato / PETER SUMNER as Gunther Haber