Australia / Syndicated-Norfolk International / 91x25m-e / 1968-70

Executive Producers: John McCallum, Bud Austin / Music: Eric Jupp / Producers: Lee Robinson, Dennis Hill

Adventure drama series. Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo, uses his brains to alert his best friend, the human Sonny, whenever anyone hits trouble in the outback area of Warratah National Park. The show was incredibly popular with kids and in an early example of merchandising spawned books, money boxes and the like, “skippy” even made personal appearances. The series was actually seen overseas before its Australian showing and there was a film version made in 1968 utilising the TV crew and called The Intruders.  

Cast: GARRY PARKHURST as Sonny Hammond / ED DEVEREAUX as Matt Hammond / LIZA GODDARD as Clarissa ‘Clancy’ Merrick / KEN JAMES as Mark Hammond / FRANK THRING as Dr Alexander Stark / TONY BONNER as Ranger