Scot Squad Season 5 Premieres Thurs 4 Apr on BBC Scotland

Radges get running, the Scot Squad have set their sights on arrest attention with the fifth series of the criminally funny Bafta Scotland award-winning spoof comedy.

There’s a new Chief in town after Cameron Miekelson’s suspended when he becomes the victim of an undercover tabloid sting. Chief Harry Cope is drafted in to mop up the scandal, act like bleech and clean up the cops but Miekelson’s having none of it.

Elsewhere, urban cops PC Jack McLaren and PC Sarah Fletcher discover crime-fighting’s not kids play when they’re called to a break-in at a softplay centre; while Acting Sgt Ken Beattie turns midwife when he comes across familiar face, and heavily pregnant, Jamie-Leigh McGurk.

Officer Karen’s jurisdiction is stretched to the limits thanks to Bobby’s involvement in international drugs crime; while rural officers, PC Jane MacKay and PC Charlie McIntosh, come face-to-face with some X-rated hay bale art.

PC’s Hugh McKirdy and PC Surjit Singh pursue a couple of car jackers and go the extra mile to capture a stolen hearse and rescue the deceased; while Detectives Andrea McGill and Megan Squire investigate the idea that good police can also be good-looking police.

Spoof comedy shadowing a fictional Scottish Police Force, Scot Squad stars Jack Docherty as Cameron Miekelson, John-Gordon Sinclair as Chief Harry Cope, Jordan Young as PC Jack McLaren, Sally Reid as PC Sarah Fletcher, James Allenby-Kirk as Acting Sgt Ken Beattie, Gayle Telfer Stevens as Jamie-Leigh McGurk, Karen Nartke as Officer Karen, Darren Connell as Bobby, Ashley Smith as PC Jane MacKay, Chris Forbes as PC Charlie McIntosh, Grado as PC Hugh McKirdy, Manjot Sumal as PC Surjit Singh, Louise McCarthy as Detective Andrea McGill and Julie Wilson-Nimmo as DC Megan Squire. Also starring Stuart MacPherson as Archie Pepper and ML Stone as Maggie LeBeau.

The new six-part series of Scot Squad features cameo appearances by Lorraine Kelly, Chick Young, Sally Magnusson and Sir Tom Hunter.

Airdate: Thursday 4 April 2019 from 10.00pm-10.30pm on BBC SCOTLAND

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