RING OF SCORPIO (Channel 9 1990)

Australia / Channel 9 – Southern Star – Sullivan – BBC – Australian Film Finance Corp / 2x120m-e / 28-29 October 1990

Writer: Suzanne Hawley / Camera: Jamie Doolan / Design: Roger Ford / Music: Martin Armiger / Producer: Errol Sullivan / Executive Producers: Alan Bateman, Kim Williams / Director: Ian Barry

Drama serial. After being used by evil drug smuggler Richard Devereaux, three Australian women are forced to spend time in a horrible Spanish prison, years later back in Oz, the girls (after rebuilding their lives) are amazed to find Devereaux (now called Duvall) also in Australia and up to his old tricks, they then plot their rvenge.

Cast: CAROLINE GOODALL as Helen Simmons / LINDA CROPPER as Marlene Walker / CATHERINE OXENBURG as Fiona McDonald / REBECCA GIBNEY as Judith / JACK SCALIA as Richard Devereaux / PETER KOWITZ as Gary Withers / RHYS McCONNACHIE as Harry Roberts / MARTIN JACOBS as Peter / CAZ LEDERMAN as Pauline / RICHARD MOIR as Sgt Hayes / FRANK WHITTEN as John Walker / SUSAN PAGE