POSSESSION (Channel 9 1985)

Australia / Channel 9 – Grundys / 52x60m-e / 1985

Soap style drama series mixing in the familiar elements so beloved of shows like Dallas, Dynasty etc, ie big business, intrigue and double dealing. The series started with the death of wealthy David Macarthur the women in his life turn to backbiting and petty rivalries.

Cast: ANNE CHARLESON as Elizabeth Macarthur/ BRUCE BARRY as David Macarthur /  MAGGIE MILLAR as Claudia / BRIONY BEHETS as Eve Cambridge / ALEXANDRA FOWLER as Nicola  / TAMASIN RAMSAY as Jane Andrews / TRACEY CALLANDER as Kathleen / LLOYD MORRIS as Greg Macarthur / DARIEN TAKLE as Louise / DAVID REYNE as Detective Vince Bailey