Partners in Crime | BBC One 2015 | Jessica Raine, David Walliams

Set in a 1950s Britain rising from the ashes of the Blitz into the grip of a new Cold War, our beekeeping duo stumble into a world of murder, undercover agents and cold war conspiracy. Tuppence is a woman who sees adventure round every corner, throwing herself head first into every mystery with passion and fervour, determined to get to the truth no matter what it takes, much to the dismay of her more cautious husband Tommy.

Jessica Raine as Tuppence
David Walliams as Tommy Beresford
James Fleet as Carter
Matthew Steer as Albert
Paul Brennen as Lucky
Jonny Phillips as Whittington
Clarke Peters as Julius Hersheimmer
Hannah Waddingham as Blonde Assassin
Madeline Appiah as Annette
Camilla Beeput as Jane Finn
Christina Cole as Mrs Sprot
Aoife McMahon as Sheila Perenna
Roy Marsden as Commander Haydock
Ed Speleers as Carl Denim
Pinar Ögün as Veronika Urbanowicz
Danny Lee Wynter as Gilbert Worthing
Andrew Havill as James Peel KC
Alice Krige as Rita Vandemeyer
Robert Whitelock as Conrad
Robert Hands as Mr Minton
Alyy Khan as Major Khan
Issy van Randwyck as Mrs Minton

Creator: Agatha Christie
Writers: Claire Wilson, Zinnie Harris

UK | BBC One | 2015


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