ELDORADO (BBC 1992-1993)

UK / BBC1 / 156x30m-e / 1992-93

Creators: Julia Smith, Tony Holland / Producers: Julia Smith, Corinne Hollingsworth

Twice weekly drama series. Life for a group of ex-pats living on the Costa Del Sol in the Spanish fishing village of Los Barcos. The show touted as a major new long running soap lasted exactly one year.

Cast: PATRICIA BRAKE as Gwen Lockhead / CAMPBELL MORRISON as Drew Lockhead / JESSE BIRDSALL as Marcus Tandy / POLLY PERKINS as Trish Valentine / LESLEE UDWIN as Joy Slater / SANDRA SANDRINI as Pilar Moreno / BUKI ARMSTRONG as Gerry Peters-Smith / ROLAND CURRAM as Freddie Martin / WILLIAM LUCAS as Stanley Webb / CLARE WILKIE as Trine