DOWN TO EARTH (BBC 2000-2005)

UK / BBC1 – Whistling Gypsy / 1x75m-e 29x50m-e / 2000-2005

Creator: Ashley Pharoah / Design: Bill Palmer / Costume: Jeannette Farrier / Music: Sheridan Tongue / Theme Music: After All This Time performed by Tony Hadley / Executive Producer: Mal Young / Producer: Rosemarie Whitman / Books: Faith Addis

Drama series. After being badly hit by a demand from the VAT man Brian Addis and his wife Faith decide to leave their life in London (Brian is a florist and Faith a teacher) and move to a small holding in the country where Brian intends to grow his own flowers and generally live the Good Life. … Early in series 3 Marcus marries Celeste and Brian dies in a car accident – shortly afterwards the Addis family sell-up and their farm is bought by Brian’s cousin Matt Brewer who, with his wife and family, take over as the series’ leads with a handover episode in which they all appear. With series 5 the Murphy’s (introduced in series 4) became the new leads as they bought and moved into the farm. The Brewers exited unseen without fanfare between seasons with no handover episode.

Cast: PAULINE QUIRKE as Faith Addis (to S3) / WARREN CLARKE as Brian Addis (to S3) / TOBY ROSS-BRYANT as Marcus Addis (to S3) / ELLIE BEAVEN as Sarah Addis (to S3) / ALEXANDRA STONE as Molly Addis (to S3) / NIMMY MARCH as Rachel (to S2?) / PAT KEEN as Addy (to S2?) / LLOYD MAGUIRE as Mr Roberts (to S2?) / KATY REEVES as Celeste (S3)

New cast from Season 3 (2003): IAN KELSEY as Matt Brewer (-season 4) / ANGELA GRIFFIN as Frankie Brewer  (-season 4) / INGA BROOKSBY as Becky Brewer  (-season 4) / CHARLOTTE REDPATH as Lucy Brewer  (-season 4) / ELLIOT SPENCER-KEYSE as Sam Brewer  (-season 4) / DENISE WELCH as Jackie Murphy (from 2004) / RICKY TOMLINSON as Tony Murphy  (from 2004) / ZARA DAWSON as Emma Murphy  (from 2004) / FINN ATKINS as Kate Cooper (from series 5) / MARC JORDAN as Ryan Cooper (from series 5)