Canada / CBC / x30m-e / 27 June 1977 – 10 October 1980

Creator: Allen Spraggett / Producer: Nigel Napier-Andrews

Intriguing panel based quiz show featuring various ‘psychic’ types (astrologer, clairvoyant etc) trying to guess the identities of mystery guest using various things pertinent to their trade (for example the astrologer getting the birth time and date detailds etc). The series also took in other aspects of the paranormal via short films.

During its first season was shown prime time then later in an every weekday 4.00pm afternoon slot (for the 1980 season). Host was Bill Guest. Regular panellists included clairvoyant Irene Hughes, astrologer Geoff Gray-Cobb, palmist Marcel Broekman and graphologist Marilyn Rossner. Paul Soles took over as host for the final season.