UK / BBC One (Drama Playhouse) / 1x50m-e / Thursday 17 July 1969 at 8.00pm

Writer: Max Marquis / Design: Roy Oxley / Producer: Peter Alexander / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Drama. Barrister Percy Brent is asked by his daughter to defend her lover, however Brent severely dislikes the man. This was the first Drama Playhouse production, a pilot for a series that never happened. It was subtitled Winner Take Nothing.

Cast: EDWARD CHAPMAN as Percy Brent / SHEILA FEARN as Catherine / JOHN MOORE as Eric Moore / BRIAN BLESSED as Tom Gardner / ILONA RODGERS as Jane Paston / JOHN CARLISLE as Victor / JOY SHELTON as Mrs Trevelyan / MARY MILLER as Anna / NEAL ARDEN as Captain Putts / GEOFFREY SUMNER as Dr Packard / MICHAEL BEINT as Detective Inspector Chester / KYNASTON REEVES as Judge / NOEL JOHNSON as Grenville / NORMAN ATKYNN as Usher / ALEX GALLIER as Clerk of the Court / PHILIP HOWARD as Foreman / PHILIPPA URQUHART as Policewoman / PAMELA PITCHFORD as Lena Dwyer