Ambulance: Episode 2 / BBC One 19 Aug 2021

Picture Ambulance Episode 2

Ambulance: Episode 2

As the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic grips the entire country, the pressure mounts on the NHS in the north west. Twenty per cent of staff are off due to Covid, and if demand continues to increase, emergency plans will need to be implemented to enable the remaining staff to cope. Merseyside’s four major hospitals are currently at 95 per cent capacity, and in just the last 24 hours there have been over 1,000 new emergency calls related to Covid.

With over 150 other patients waiting for an ambulance, crew mates Alex and Abby are dispatched to a category-two job that has already been waiting for over one hour and 40 minutes. The patient has been feeling unwell for some days now, but pressure on the NHS means that the crew know that, if they can, they must try to keep their patient at home.

Elsewhere, crew mates Blaise and Wendy are dispatched to treat their second suspected Covid positive patient of the night. Blaise and Wendy decide they must take their patient to Arrowe Park Hospital, but with intensive care full and Covid beds in short supply, the crew know they have a long wait ahead of them.

Meanwhile, an emergency call from a child whose mother is not responding leaves the call handler feeling overwhelmed.

Ambulance is an observational documentary series that brings an unprecedented insight into Britain’s largest ambulance service, the London Ambulance Service. They need to be ready to help the 8.6 million people of London because when the most serious emergencies strike, they have only eight minutes to respond.

With calls doubling in number over the past 10 years, the nerve centre of the service takes over 5000 calls a day and has to work out who needs an ambulance quickest, or whether they need one at all.

With unprecedented access to the high pressured control room, as well as the crews out on the streets, each episode provides an honest 360 degree snapshot of the service, which was last year put into special measures. This takes the series beyond the flashing blue light stories, to reveal for the first time the dilemmas faced by those who allocate the ambulance – with only 400 ambulance crews on shift – as they have to bump patients down the queue to prioritise the sickest; the very real impact of time-wasters and frequent callers; and the ever-present threat that a major incident with multiple casualties is just a single 999 call away.

Season 7 Episode 2
Runtime: 60 minutes
Time: 21:00
Airdate: 19 Aug 2021
Network: BBC One


Britain’s Greatest Obsessions | Sky History 3 October 2022

Britain’s Greatest Obsessions | Sky History 3 October 2022
Part 4

Journalist and presenter Lorraine Kelly never got to hear about her grandfather’s war – it was only after he died that she found out more about it from friends and family. As an honorary colonel in the cadets, Lorraine felt she needed to find out more and to separate the facts of WWII from the enduring fiction and find out why, after 80 years since VE Day, Brits continue to be so obsessed by it.

October 3 @ 21:00
21:00 — 22:00 (1h)

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Ladhood | BBC Three 3 October 2022

Ladhood | BBC Three 3 October 2022
Series 3 Episode 5

When Liam (Liam Williams) accidentally takes a double dose of magic mushrooms, a bad trip begins to rear its ugly head. As he tries to remain calm, Liam is reminded of his first psychedelic experience.

Leeds, mid-2000s. Liam is mere days away from his final A-level exam. To get the grades, he just needs to stay focussed and keep revising. But when the lads surprise him a batch of space cakes, his revision plans are derailed.

Young Liam is played by Oscar Kennedy, and his best mates Ralph by Samuel Bottomley, Addy by Aqib Khan and Craggy Shaun Thomas.

Ladhood is available as a box set on BBC iPlayer.

October 3 @ 22:00
22:00 — 22:25 (25′)

BBC Three

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