ALBERT AND VICTORIA (Yorkshire TV 1970-1971)

UK / ITV – Yorkshire TV / 12x30m-e / 1970-71

Writer: Rueben Ship / Producers: John Nelson Burton(1970) / Quentin Lawrence(1971)

Sitcom. In Victorian times a stern father keeps a firm hand on the tiller of his family.There was a short special broadcast as part of the All Star Comedy Carnival which went out on 25 December 1970.

Cast: ALFRED MARKS as Albert Hackett / ZENA WALKER as Victoria Hackett(1970) / BARBARA MURRAY as Victoria(first 2 eps 1971) / FRANCES BENNETT as Victoria(last 4 eps 1971) / PETRA MARKHAM as Lydia / JOHN ASH as Arthur / JOHN ALKIN as George / MIRIAM MANN as Florian / RUFUS FRAMPTON as Edward