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What’s On E4 Today Friday 31 March 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Alibi today.


Maxine joins Tony and Diane as they await news on Eric’s sentencing


Tony receives an unexpected call from Eric asking him to go and visit him in prison

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


Gordon Ramsay clashes with the owner of Le Bistro in Florida

Gordon Ramsay visits Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point, Florida, where the stubborn chef and owner has lost his passion for cooking. The visiting expert hopes to help, but his criticisms are not well received, causing tempers to flare

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


Blackberry’s in Plainfield, New Jersey

The chef heads to floundering soul food restaurant Blackberry’s in Plainfield, New Jersey, but struggles to get his message across to indomitable owner Shelley. Her refusal to deal with the truth comes to a head when Gordon finds a dead mouse in the doorway, prompting him to step up his efforts to change her ways

Married at First Sight Australia


The other couples are buzzing with the drama regarding Adam and Claire

The Big Bang Theory


Penny thinks that Leonard is taking her for granted

Penny thinks that Leonard is taking her for granted and has stopped making an effort in their relationship, so she decides to go away for a spa weekend with Amy. Howard and Raj go to extreme lengths to deal with a squeaky floorboard in the baby’s bedroom

Modern Family


Mitch and Cam throw Sal a belated baby shower

The Dunphys are flying home from a weekend away, but Phil is less than happy when Claire takes the only first-class seat available. Mitch and Cam throw a belated baby shower for their friend Sal, and are surprised to find that motherhood seems to have changed her, and Jay shows Manny how to defend himself against a bully in his cooking class. Elizabeth Banks, Nathan Lane and Penn Jillette guest star

Modern Family


Claire tries to track down Haley, who has gone off the grid following a row

Claire is stuck at an airport and needs to track down Haley, who has gone missing following an argument, so she logs on to her laptop and checks in with the rest of the family in the hope of making amends with her daughter. Julie Bowen stars in a novel episode filmed entirely on Apple devices, with Ty Burrell, Ed O’Neill and Sarah Hyland

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake’s seldom-seen father seeks time with his son

Jake’s seldom-seen father Roger arrives to spend some time with his son, but Charles is sceptical of his true motives. Meanwhile, Holt tests Amy, Terry, Gina and Rosa with a near-impossible brain teaser in exchange for tickets to a Beyonce concert. Guest starring Bradley Whitford (The West Wing)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake experiences a run of bad luck

Santiago and Diaz investigate Jake’s claim that somebody is trying to sabotage his professional life and get him dismissed. Boyle partners up with Hitchcock and Scull to solve a tough case, while Jeffords lies to Gina claiming he and Holt attended her dance troupe’s performance. Chris Parnell guest stars

The Big Bang Theory


The pals try to start a conversation with a sci-fi star

Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj discover actress Summer Glau is on their train while travelling to San Francisco. Desperate to discuss the Terminator TV series with her, the friends devise a number of plans to engage her in conversation. With Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon takes charge of Penny’s hair accessories business

Penny starts her own hair accessories business and the orders start to pile in. However, she makes the mistake of asking Sheldon to help, leading to frustration and regret. Comedy, starring Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory


Penny’s ex-boyfriend offers her a new job

Leonard isn’t thrilled when he finds out Penny is considering taking a new job that has been offered to her by her former boyfriend Zack. Sheldon attempts to develop his brain further by learning new skills

The Big Bang Theory


Amy is offered a fellowship at Princeton University

Amy is offered a visiting research fellowship at Princeton University, and Raj makes some new living arrangements. When the guys complete their infinite persistence gyroscope project, events spin out of control

Modern Family


Manny has a heart-to-heart with Claire

Manny takes time out to play with Luke, before having a heart-to-heart with stepsister Claire. Gloria goes shopping for a dress with Alex, and Phil urges Jay to fly his new model aeroplane with him. Comedy, starring Ed O’Neill and Julie Bowen

Modern Family


Mitchell and Claire’s mother visits

Mitchell’s mother tries to make amends for the incident at Jay and Gloria’s wedding but no one is happy to see her, and the whole family has dinner at Claire’s house. American comedy, guest starring Shelley Long

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake and Holt split the squad into two teams

Jake and Holt split the squad into two teams to help them win the Halloween heist contest. Each side attempts to steal the same item, a fancy-dress crown locked in a briefcase in the interrogation room in order to claim the title of `amazing detective or genius”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake and Charles take Terry camping

Jake and Charles take Terry on a camping trip to help him deal with stress. Amy gets Gina to help her persuade the police department to buy a product she invented as a child. Holt helps Rosa to break up with Marcus. Comedy, starring Andy Samberg

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard meets up with the woman he kissed

Leonard meets up with the woman he kissed during his trip in the hope of setting Penny’s mind at ease, while Sheldon films a special episode of Fun with Flags after his break-up with Amy. Bernadette feels guilty about keeping a secret from Penny

The Big Bang Theory


The guys’ science skills are tested by a flat tyre

The guys’ science skills are put to the test when they get a flat tyre during Leonard’s surprise bachelor party weekend in Mexico. Meanwhile, the girls finally force Penny to break the news to her family that she has eloped with Leonard. Keith Carradine guest stars

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon faces his arch-enemy – actor Wil Wheaton

Sheldon is given the chance to square off against the one actor from the Star Trek franchise he holds a grudge against – Wil Wheaton. Meanwhile, Leonard asks Penny to set Howard up on a date with one of her friends. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon teaches Leonard about American football

Leonard worries his lack of American football knowledge is alienating him from Penny and her friends. However, he finds an unlikely sporting tutor in the form of Sheldon, who reluctantly spent most of his childhood attending games with his father. Meanwhile, Raj is infuriated when Howard abandons him to pursue a girl at a kite-fighting contest


James goes to extreme lengths to raise money for his sister Juliet’s treatment

The Farmer Wants a Wife: Australia


The group gather for a large rural feeding

Alien: Covenant

Sci-fi thriller, starring Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender
2017 – Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery

Movie: Alien: Covenant -

A crew of colonists sent to populate an alien planet have their mission diverted by a mysterious signal. After landing on a nearby world, they discover what became of the ill-fated Prometheus mission. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller, starring Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride

Naked Attraction


Singletons from Brighton and Somerset hope to find the perfect partners

Anna Richardson presents the dating show with a difference, in which another two singletons take their pick of potential partners based purely on their naked bodies. First up is 27-year-old Kelly, a carer from Brighton. She’s unsure whether she’s looking for a man or a woman but hopes to find her the perfect partner to give her a little TLC. She is followed by 29-year-old steeplejack Carlo from Somerset, who is looking for woman that he can sweep off her feet

First Dates


Mula hopes tonight will be second time lucky

Mula, 23, was stood up on her last visit to the restaurant, and she’s hoping round two will be better. Funnyman AJ, also returning, tries to seduce her with his best jokes. Could it be second time lucky? Geordie postie Jodie is back after being `friend-zoned” last week, and she’s pleasantly surprised by Irish beauty Louise. Tom is a suave, confident restaurateur looking for a refined lady, but dance teacher Alliee isn’t immediately impressed by his well-rehearsed advances, including petrol-station flowers and champagne

The Farmer Wants a Wife: Australia


The group gather for a large rural feeding

Below Deck


Eddie deals with his relationship fallout

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