More4 Today Tuesday 31 January 2023

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What’s On More4 Today Tuesday 31 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on More4 today.

Kirstie’s Vintage Gems


A couple’s bedroom receives a makeover

Kirstie Allsopp helps Amber and Colin turn their bedroom into a dream vintage haven. After an initial assessment, the presenter begins by getting rid of any mass-produced furniture

A Place in the Sun

A couple hunting a holiday home to escape the climate of the Scottish Highlands

Laura Hamilton helps Linda and Alan Keir, who want to buy a holiday home in the Costa del Sol to escape the climate of the Scottish Highlands. They look at five properties on their budget of £150,000

A New Life in the Sun


A Scottish couple welcome guests to their Spanish villa

Find It, Fix It, Flog It


Henry and Simon rummage through the hangar of a Vulcan bomber

Find It, Fix It, Flog It


Henry Cole builds a steampunk lamp from a copper pipe

Heir Hunters


The probate detectives try to find the family of a reclusive printer

Heir Hunters


The team investigates a referral case of a former accountant

The team investigates a substantial referral case of a former accountant, but as they examine his family history, a mystery surrounding his parentage slows down research. Meanwhile, in Norfolk, the Heir Hunters look at the case of an unusual village character, who died tragically in a house fire with thousands of pounds hidden in his house

Four in a Bed


The competition kicks off at Keats Cottage in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight

The competition kicks off at David and Ewa Woodward’s Keats Cottage in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. In the rooms, Donna Taylor from Jasmine House in Leicestershire makes a hair-raising discovery, while mother-and-daughter team Lesley and Chloe Priestly take a dislike to one of their competitors at dinner

Four in a Bed


The second visit is to Jasmine House in Lutterworth, Leicestershire

The second visit is to Jasmine House in Lutterworth, Leicestershire managed by Donna Taylor who believes in a no frills approach. But it doesn’t take long for Martin and Sara to realise all the added extras in the room don’t add up. During the afternoon Leslie and Chloe show their fighting spirit during a kickboxing lesson and all the B&Bers square up to their host

Four in a Bed


The third day takes place at Halliwell House in Cheshire

The contestants travel to the luxury Halliwell House in Cheshire for the third day of the contest, where owners Martin Hulme and Sara Williams charge nearly £500 per night. Donna is astonished at the room rates, while David and Ewa are expecting nothing but perfection, but the self-service approach at breakfast confuses the guests, leaving Martin and Sara defiant in the face of their feedback

Four in a Bed


The guests stay at in Ebbw Vale

The final two days see the contestants staying the night at Soar Chapel Guest House in Ebbw Vale, the family home of mum and daughter Lesley and Chloe Priestly. Expectations are high for this duo and one guest in particular is not disappointed. Things get going in the afternoon during a beatboxing contest, although old tensions resurface at dinner and the hosts are left to calm things down. A massive spread is laid on at breakfast, but when one guest takes issue with the cooked items, Lesley and Chloe worry what impact it will have come payment day

Four in a Bed


The B&B owners meet for the last time

The B&B owners meet for the last time to find out what they’ve been paid and to settle some scores. David and Ewa Woodward want to challenge Martin’s criticism over the way they run their business. Next, Donna Taylor wants to find out more about the issue that caused Martin and Sara to lose sleep. Needless to say, there is tension in the air and axes to grind, before the winner is revealed

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It


Catching up with a couple from Cambridgeshire

Phil Spencer travels back to Cambridgeshire to catch up with a couple he and Kirstie Allsopp first met three years ago when they were struggling with what to do with their three-bed semi. Amber Brammah, who was leading fitness classes from the garage, wanted a new house with more room to run her business, while ecologist husband Martin preferred the idea of renovating. Having made their decision, how have things changed in the 36 months since?

Escape to the Chateau


Dick and Angel harvest their pumpkins in the autumn

As autumn sets in, Dick and Angel harvest their pumpkins in the walled garden and organise a family wheelbarrow race. The basement is the latest room to be transformed, serving as a nerve centre for the whole chateau, a space for storing deliveries, and Dick’s workshop. The old piggery is also renovated, in anticipation of some new arrivals

Grand Designs


Kevin McCloud returns to Devon to meet Kevin McCabe

Kevin McCloud returns to Devon to meet Kevin McCabe, a man who wanted to build one of the biggest houses the programme has ever seen. Finally, seven years after it began, the herculean task of building this giant cob castle is complete. Has it proven to be the great home he originally intended, and does it prove as he hoped that cob is a viable material for contemporary architecture?

Grand Designs


Kevin McCloud revisits the building of an art deco lighthouse tower on a north Devon clifftop

Back in 2011, Edward and Hazel Short set out to build an art deco, shining white lighthouse tower with additional bedrooms, guest rooms and infinity pool, all on a rugged but beautiful clifftop in north Devon. It was an ambitious project and quickly ran into trouble, not least the apparent breakdown of the couple’s marriage and a spiral of borrowing and debt which, by the end of 2019, left Edward facing bankruptcy. Kevin McCloud now returns to see if anything has been salvaged from this disastrous project

Shocking Emergency Calls


First-hand accounts of deadly wildfires in Paradise, California

24 Hours in A&E


A scaffolder arrives at the hospital after suffering a head injury

Scaffolder Thomas arrives at London’s King’s College Hospital after suffering a head injury at a building site and doctors are concerned he may have fractured his skull, back or neck. Hilton, 85, has diabetes and is worried about his swollen legs, and retired architect Edgar is struggling to breathe following an asthma attack. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, two women make friends and swap stories and jokes

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown


With Katherine Ryan, Joe Lycett and Johnny Vegas

Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett take on Johnny Vegas and Sean Lock in the words-and-numbers game, while would-be novelist Christopher Bliss joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner. Hosted by Jimmy Carr with Rachel Riley looking after the numbers and letters

Flights from Hell: Caught on Camera

Dramatic moments captured on film at airports and on planes

Documentary highlighting some of the most dramatic, extraordinary and unusual moments that UK passengers have experienced, captured by people who were there. From terrible behaviour in the terminal and tantrums on the tarmac to full-scale brawls on board, the programme hears from the people who were involved, and features expert analysis from industry insiders and psychologists explaining the reasons for such behaviour

Food Unwrapped


Jimmy Doherty investigates the sugar tax

Jimmy Doherty investigates the sugar tax, and finds out how manufacturers have responded by reducing the sugar in some of our favourite brands, asking what exactly they are adding to keep the flavours the same. Matt Tebbutt is in Italy to find out why strange white stripes are appearing more and more often on chicken breasts, and Kate Quilton asks why some sliced bread falls apart when it’s buttered, while other such loaves stay firm



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