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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A patient seeks advice about losing weight

A patient seeks advice about losing weight, and Dr Ramshaw offers encouragement to keep her on track. Meanwhile, Dr Cordell meets Jason, who is experiencing pain around his liver, concerned that it may be down to his drinking habits, and urgent care clinician Lizzie meets Ali, who is trying to quit smoking

The Yorkshire Vet


An alpaca has mysterious and painful skin problem

Kaiser the alpaca has a mysterious and painful skin problem, and Matt calls for Julian to help him work out what is causing it, while Shona feels the pressure when she visits a herd of pedigree cows to fix a hernia in a calf for the first time. Peter tends a donkey that has has a nasty-looking cut on his eyelid, and Julian is anxious when he tries to clip the claws and beak of an aggressive parrot

The Yorkshire Vet


Matt helps a goat with a broken leg, as Princess Anne watches on

There’s a royal appointment at Cannon Hall Farm as Matt helps a goat with a broken leg in front of a very high-profile onlooker – Her Royal Highness Princess Anne. Julian has his own special visitor – a tiny tortoise called Henry – who is the smallest patient he’s ever treated, while Nigel is hoping his cows are pregnant, but will Julian be able to deliver good news?

The Highland Vet


A New Zealand breed of pig needs to have its large tusks made less dangerous

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A former prisoner visits the surgery with a long list of health concerns

A former prisoner visits the surgery with a long list of health concerns, and Dr Anna Graham focuses on the most urgent, infected cigarette burns inflicted by other inmates. Meanwhile, a young patient with a painful rash around his mouth and chin is treated by Dr David Jewell, and a woman comes in to receive the results of a smear test

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Doctors treat a woman struggling with anxiety and depression

Doctors treat a woman struggling with anxiety and depression, and another patient desperate to begin her gender reassignment surgery visits the surgery. Dr Jane Edge treats a man who is having trouble breathing, and Dr Andy Cordell does his best to help a woman recently involved in a road accident

The Yorkshire Vet


A four-week old lamb is rushed in to see Peter

A four-week old lamb is rushed in to see Peter, and after being kicked in the face by a horse, Julian worries a black labrador may have sustained a fracture. Meanwhile, Matt and David go back to school to introduce potential future vets to some unusual creatures

The Yorkshire Vet


Julian helps his friend and former colleague Katy with one of her sheep

Julian helps his friend and former colleague Katy with one of her sheep, which has developed a serious eye problem. Meanwhile, one of Peter’s oldest clients brings in her heavily pregnant, former Crufts prize-winner Maisi into the practice, and Matt and his fiancee Katherine set off to adopt a puppy

The Highland Vet


Ken heads out to a farm to complete tests on two pedigree Charolais bulls

British Planes That Won the War with Rob Bell


The historical significance of the Sopwith Camel

The engineer explores how four iconic British-built aircraft became masters of the sky, beginning with the Sopwith Camel. Two years into the First World War, the British fleet was being outgunned and outmanoeuvred by the newer German fighter planes, and the answer came from the Sopwith Aviation Company and a designer called Herbert Smith. This game-changing aircraft shot down more enemy aircraft during the conflict than any other Allied fighter, and became crucial in reclaiming the skies over the Western Front

Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson


The actor travels through the heart of South America, exploring Argentina and Peru

The actor travels through the heart of South America, exploring Argentina and Peru. In Buenos Aires he meets up with charismatic local Viviana Parara. They go tango dancing, out for a lunch of prime Argentine steak and finally find themselves in the middle of a huge street dance. Tony then travels north into Peru, heading to the ancient city of Cusco where he takes a detour to visit the Amazon rainforest. A further train ride takes him from Cusco up to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. Visiting this Incan citadel has been a lifelong dream for Tony, and it does not disappoint

Walking Britain’s Roman Roads


Dan Jones treks along Ermin Way, which links Silchester and Gloucester

Dan Jones travels the historic Roman road of Ermin Way, which links the two Roman towns of Calleva Atrebatum and Glevum, now known as Silchester and Gloucester. Not to be confused with Ermine Street, which runs from London to York, Ermin Way is arguably Britain’s most industrial Roman road

Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland


The actor visits Malin Head, the Giant’s Causeway and the Mourne Mountains

The actor continues his journey around the rugged Irish coast. Adrian learns about the history of Malin Head, the northernmost tip of mainland Ireland, from where Marconi sent the first ever commercial message to a ship by wireless in 1902. He also meets motorcycle champion Michael Dunlop, who has won the Isle of Man TT 19 times, before visits to the remote fishing village Carrick-a-rede and the Giant’s Causeway. He ends his journey in the Mourne Mountains in Rostrevor, which are said to have inspired Belfast-born CS Lewis to create the magical land of Narnia

Forged in Fire


The bladesmiths must transform a steel ‘train spring’ into a weapon of their choosing

Forged in Fire


Participants embark on a team challenge

Britain’s Lost Battlefields with Rob Bell


The story behind the Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings of October 1066 ended Anglo-Saxon rule in England and resulted in the transformation of our language and culture. The events of the battle were immortalised in the Bayeux Tapestry, which appears to show King Harold dying with an arrow through his eye. However, Rob learns that the story may not be as simple as that

Britain’s Lost Battlefields with Rob Bell


Boudicca’s uprising against the Roman occupation of Britain

Forged in Fire


The four remaining smiths are whittled down to two in an epic battle

Forged in Fire


Two smiths make a very unique weapon – the Elephant Tusk sword

Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson


The actor goes on rail journeys around the globe

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