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Today Monday 30 January 2023

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Get Some In!


Marsh does his best to make sure that the recruits cannot get any work done

Woman on the Run

Comedy, starring Ann Sheridan
1950 – Crime, Drama

A woman desperately searches for her husband, who’s gone into hiding after witnessing a gangland murder, but unfortunately the Mob are on his trail. Comedy, starring Ann Sheridan, Robert Keith and Dennis O’Keefe

Breaking the Codes

The history of code-breaking in wartime

Romance on the Orient Express

Romantic drama, starring Cheryl Ladd and Stuart Wilson
1985 – Drama, Romance

Movie: Romance on the Orient Express -

An American travelling by train from Venice to Paris bumps into her former lover, and the pair try to understand why their initial romance ended so abruptly. Romantic drama, starring Cheryl Ladd and Stuart Wilson

The Man from Snowy River

Australian Western, starring Kirk Douglas
1982 – Drama, Romance, Adventure, Western, Family

Movie: The Man from Snowy River - 1985

The son of a mountain farmer is forced to leave his home after the death of his father, and goes to work for a cattle rancher in the lowlands. He falls for his employer’s daughter, while discovering the story behind the man’s long-standing feud with his twin brother. Australian Western, starring Kirk Douglas in a dual role, with Tom Burlinson and Jack Thompson

The Purple Heart

Second World War drama, starring Dana Andrews
1944 – Action, Drama

Movie: The Purple Heart - 1982

Eight American airmen are shot down over Tokyo during a bombing raid and imprisoned by the Japanese on murder charges. Second World War drama, starring Dana Andrews, Farley Granger, Sam Levene and Richard Conte

Crown Court


Part one of three.

The Smallest Show on Earth

Comedy, with Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna
1957 – Comedy

Movie: The Smallest Show on Earth -

A newly married couple inherit a dilapidated cinema and its incompetent staff and resolve to transform its fortunes. They soon find, however, that their hopes for the future are far more difficult to realise than anticipated. Basil Dearden’s comedy, starring Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna, Peter Sellers, Margaret Rutherford, Bernard Miles and Leslie Phillips

Final Appointment

Thriller, starring John Bentley
1954 – Crime, Drama

Movie: Final Appointment - 1957

The Footage Detectives

Footage of Petula Clark singing in the new year

In Suspicious Circumstances

Two remarkable First World War stories

Edward Woodward narrates two remarkable stories from the First World War, highlighting the fate of a shell-shocked youngster found wandering on the Western Front and revealing what happened to two men who went on a drinking spree and missed the Battle of the Somme. Fact-based drama, starring Aidan Gillen, Maggie Shevlin and Wayne Foskett

The Main Chance

David clashes with an old adversary, and an ex-con presents further problems

The Cat and the Canary

Thriller, starring Honor Blackman
1978 – Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Movie: The Cat and the Canary -

Friends and relatives of a dead millionaire gather for the reading of his will. A taped message from the deceased expresses his loathing of his legatees, and the conditions attached to the will are deliberately designed to have them at each other’s throats. Moreover, it seems at least one of the potential beneficiaries is prepared to commit murder to guarantee getting the money. Thriller, starring Honor Blackman, Michael Callan and Edward Fox

Secret Army


The Belgian communists try to take over Lifeline

Cisco Pike

Crime drama, starring Kris Kristofferson

A small-town drug-dealer is collared by a crooked cop, who blackmails him into offloading his stash. Crime drama, starring Kris Kristofferson, Karen Black, Gene Hackman, Harry Dean Stanton, Antonio Fargas, Viva and Joy Bang

Wide Boy

Crime drama, starring Sydney Tafler
1952 – Drama, Crime

Overland Pacific

Western, starring Jock Mahoney
1954 – Western

Movie: Overland Pacific - 1952

An investigator tries to find the reason behind constant attacks on the railroad. Western, starring Jock Mahoney, Peggie Castle and Adele Jergens


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