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Today Sunday 29 January 2023

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Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust

Three Canadian Holocaust survivors search for clues to unanswered questions from their pasts

Three Canadian Holocaust survivors journey to home towns, killing sites, archives and hiding places in search of clues to unanswered questions from their pasts. Maxwell wonders what happened to a baby he saved in a forest in 1943, Helen wants to know more about the fate of her brother, while Rose is retracing the final steps of the woman who saved her life. The survivors came of age during the Holocaust and carry the burden of knowing they are the last living link to it

Pawn Stars


Rick checks out a custom Fender quad reverb guitar

Pawn Stars


A 19th-century sun dial cannon arrives at the shop

Pawn Stars


A 1944 steel penny rolls into the shop

Pawn Stars


The team is intrigued by 18th-century engravings of the Spanish Armada

Pawn Stars


The team test drives a 1950s Chrysler Town & Country Newport

Pawn Stars


A first edition of The Adventures of Bob Hope comic gets Rick and Chum chuckling

Mountain Men


In Montana, Jake Herak and his young pups make a grisly discovery

In Montana, Jake Herak and his young pups head into new territory to chase an aggressive mountain lion that was spotted close to civilization – and make a grisly discovery. In Wyoming, Josh Kirk rebuilds an antique windmill to power his outpost cabin

History’s Greatest Mysteries


Claims by a man that he had located a Nazi U-boat filled with treasure

An investigation into the unshakable claims of Roger Miklos, one of America’s most eccentric, controversial, and accomplished treasure hunters. Decades before his death in 2018, Roger believed he discovered a modified Nazi U-boat loaded with a fortune in artwork, antiquities, and gold off the coast of Turks and Caicos. Before he passed, Roger gave an exclusive interview that revealed clues about the possible position of the U-boat and left behind a trove of documents, maps, and photographs. Now, armed with this evidence, celebrated diver Mike Fletcher and his team will take to the high seas in search of the special U-boat

Britain’s Most Historic Towns


Alice Roberts explores Cardiff’s Edwardian past

Alice Roberts explores Cardiff’s Edwardian past, discovering how the coal industry transformed the Rhondda Valley in the early 1900s. She investigates the difficult and often dangerous work of the miners, and visits the trading floor where the first ever million pound cheque was signed. The programme also investigates how global shipping routes and plentiful employment brought immigrants from across the world to Wales, and meets descendants of people who came to the city in the early years of the 20th century

Britain’s Most Historic Towns


Alice Roberts explores the history of Oxford during the Civil War

Alice Roberts explores the history of Oxford during the Civil War, when the city became a power base for the royalist forces and a rival capital for nine years of conflict. Aerial archaeologist Ben Robinson discovers why the city was such a good strategic position, while Alice takes up Charles I’s favourite sport and learns to fire a 17th-century musket

Britain’s Most Historic Towns


Alice Roberts explores the Plantagenet era through the history of Canterbury

Alice Roberts visits Canterbury to explore the Plantagenet era, when the powerful house held the throne between 1154 and 1485. She discovers the secrets of the city’s cathedral, a centre of ecclesiastical power and also the site of the shocking murder of Thomas Becket. She also discovers the lasting impact of the Black Death and joins a modern-day pilgrimage in medieval garb. Aerial archaeologist Ben Robinson provides a bird’s-eye view of how the religious institutions of the era still dominate the city’s topography

Britain’s Most Historic Towns


Professor Alice Roberts explores the story of Stewart Britain by visiting Stirling

Professor Alice Roberts explores the story of Stewart Britain by visiting Stirling, the seat of the Scottish royal family for 200 years. She joins a team of archaeologists in uncovering remnants of the docks, explores the secret passageways of Stirling Castle, learns how to make medieval ale, and discovers the origins of football

The Curse of Oak Island


The discovery of mysterious ship logs proves illuminating

Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire


How Julius Caesar’s popularity sparked a civil war

Over-powerful generals and money corrupted the Roman Republic, with the empire burdened with civil war and violence, and murder run rampant in the streets. Against this backdrop, Julius Caesar, desperate for fame and honour, embarked on a brutal decade-long campaign to annex Gaul and build his own reputation

Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire


The victory won by Germanic chieftain Arminius

A look at Rome’s most influential characters, as they led an empire slowly sliding to its own destruction, and the Barbarian leaders who brought about that destruction. In 9AD, a ferocious Germanic chieftain, Arminius, slaughtered the Roman General Varus’ army at Teutoburg Forest in a landmark battle that would mark the edge of the empire

Rome’s Bloodiest Dynasty: Caesar’s Death to the Republic


The day Julius Caesar led his army across the River Rubicon

Bettany Hughes looks at the day in 49BC that Julius Caesar led his army across the River Rubicon. By doing so he ignored the orders of the Roman Senate, and effectively declared war on his rivals in Rome. In time, it would prove a fatal blow to the Republic – the system of elected officials that had governed for nearly half a millennium. Hughes analyses Caesar’s character and reveals how new theories about his health shed light on his decision-making, while archeological finds recently dredged from a Dutch river reveal the true genocidal horror of his conquest of Gaul. Dramatisations featuring Jack Ellis, Nathan Dean Williams and Bashar Rahal bring the key moments to life

Rome’s Bloodiest Dynasty: The First Emperor


Octavian’s theft of Mark Antony’s will

Bettany Hughes focuses on the day in 32BC when Octavian stole the secret will of his most dangerous political rival, Mark Antony. It is a moment that casts a light on what it took to win in Roman politics, as the cunning, brilliant subterfuge required paved Octavian’s path to power by undermining Antony’s popularity and giving Octavian the crucial support of Rome’s Senate and people in the civil war that followed. Dramatisations featuring Jack Morris, Nathan Dean Williams and Taniel Yusef bring the key moments to life



How exotic beasts were brought back to entertain the Colosseum crowds

Drama-documentary that uses the Colosseum to tell the thrilling story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. As the Roman Empire continued to expand, so did the diversity of exotic beasts brought back to entertain the Colosseum crowds. Over one million animals were slaughtered in the arena by trained beast masters, none more famous than Carpophorus

What on Earth?


Documentary series exploring anomalies appearing on satellite images

What on Earth?


The mysteries captured by satellites orbiting the Earth

What on Earth?


Experts investigate the startling mysteries captured by satellites orbiting the Earth

What on Earth?


The startling mysteries captured by satellites orbiting the Earth

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