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Today Sunday 29 January 2023

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A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

Birds of a Feather


Christmas special from 1989

Christmas special from 1989. The Essex girls steel themselves for a lonely Christmas away from their jailbird husbands. Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson star

The Bill


A big-time crook fools Meadows

Meadows smells a rat when a big-time crook walks into the station to hand over his delinquent son, but makes the mistake of agreeing to a deal, and Taviner gets himself into further hot water by planting evidence in Simpson’s house to nail him for the arson attack. Elsewhere, there’s tension in the air as Ackland and Gilmore fall out, while Sharpe and McAllister are also at each other’s throats. Police drama, starring Simon Rouse and Paul Usher

The Bill


A football match descends into chaos

Sun Hill isn’t a very harmonious place to be as Glaze makes life difficult for Taviner when he is hauled before the Murder Investigation Team and Chandler warns Meadows not to rake up his past if he knows what’s good for him. A five-a-side football match between the officers and a group of young offenders also appears to be lacking in goodwill as Gilmore is mercilessly taunted by homophobic colleague Boyden. Police drama, starring Steven Hartley and Simon Rouse

The Bill


A new recruit arrives at the station

Stamp takes new recruit Gary Best under his wing. Ackland advises a furious Gilmore to fight fire with fire when it comes to Boyden and a night out teaches Rickman a harsh lesson about the realities of class A drugs

The Bill


Two new recruits make their presence felt

Two new recruits make their presence felt at Sun Hill as tough Inspector Gina Gold wastes no time in putting Ackland in her place and larger-than-life family man Ken Drummond inflicts his quirky habits on his bemused colleagues. Meanwhile, Pcs Klein and Rickman find a group of children playing in contaminated waste and try to get to the bottom of where it came from. Police drama, starring former EastEnders Russell Floyd and Roberta Taylor

Bleak House

Lady Dedlock’s scandalous secret is revealed

Lady Dedlock tells Esther her long-hidden secret, which promises to change the orphan’s life for ever. Richard’s obsession with Chancery intensifies as he hires a lawyer of his own. Smallweed comes across Hawdon’s love letters and is happy to sell them to Tulkinghorn, who then reveals his scandalous findings

Bleak House

Esther urges Guppy to stop prying

Lady Dedlock sends Rosa away to spare her the impending scandal. Esther tries to persuade Guppy to stop snooping. Richard’s financial troubles prompt Vholes to visit Jarndyce and ask him to pay off the debts. Ada offers her inheritance in an attempt to ease the problem, but the young man refuses

Catherine Cookson’s The Glass Virgin

Feature-length drama, starring Nigel Havers

Feature-length drama from the pen of the popular storyteller. A woman runs away from her wealthy family after she discovers a shocking secret about her past. Nigel Havers, Emily Mortimer and Brendan Coyle star

Call the Midwife


Jenny worries about a mum-to-be involved in an abusive marriage

Jenny is concerned about a mum-to-be involved in an abusive marriage, while Trixie and Sister Evangelina find themselves in unusual circumstances on board a Swedish cargo ship looking after the captain’s daughter, who is about to have her first child. Jessica Raine, Helen George, Pam Ferris and Miranda Hart star

Atlantic Crossing


Roosevelt extends a special invitation to Märtha and her children

New Tricks


The team investigates a man’s disappearance five years earlier

Sandra and the team investigate why five years earlier a man seemingly vanished during his morning run and has not been seen since. The alarm was raised when he never made it to work at the construction company belonging to his father-in-law, who has a history of violence, and the detectives’ suspicions grow when they realise how much the missing man’s wife is scared of her dad. Could he have had something to do with his son-in-law’s disappearance? Amanda Redman, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Denis Lawson and Dennis Waterman star

Frankie Drake Mysteries


Mary looks into a morality violation by Rita Hart’s modern dance troupe



The detective investigates an apparent suicide

While Rebus looks into the apparent suicide of a man at an investment bank, Clarke investigates a stabbing on the seedy Westmills estate. The inspector learns his victim had links to a chemical company building a new plant in the area, as well as an Angolan village where children have been used unscrupulously in drug testing – but before his latest informant can pass on vital evidence, she too is silenced. Drama, starring Ken Stott and Claire Price

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


Feature-length episode. Lynley investigates an attack on two campers

Feature-length episode. Newly demoted Havers joins Lynley on a double murder investigation. After a girl is killed and her camping companion stabbed, two separate lines of inquiry lead the duo into a murky world of deception, corruption and prostitution in their bid to discover the murderer’s identity. Mystery drama, starring Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small, Timothy West and Simon Williams

New Tricks


A bloodstained bust is uncovered during construction work in a cemetery

The penultimate episode sees the retired detectives investigating possibly their most difficult cold case yet. A bloodstained bust is uncovered during construction work in a cemetery and the evidence points to the murder of an alternative-medicine practitioner seven years earlier. Further clues lead to the controversial world of cryopreservation – the practice of keeping clinically dead patients frozen to extend their life cycle. Sasha is determined they don’t put a foot wrong – but with the sobering possibility that two perpetrators are still at large, the detectives are forced to go out on a limb

Passport to Freedom


João must persuade Aracy that he’s serious about joining her rescue efforts


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