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Today Tuesday 28 February 2023

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A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

Pie in the Sky


A policewoman is murdered

Fisher ropes Crabbe into helping investigate the death of a policewoman in the West Country, a task that almost puts him off his food. Detective drama, starring Richard Griffiths and Malcolm Sinclair

The Bill


Kerry Young is taken hostage

Kerry Young is taken hostage while investigating a routine report of a house break-in, and Nick Klein tells Phil Hunter he may have jeopardised the drugs operation by letting it slip in an unguarded moment that he is a police officer. Behind the scenes, Mickey Webb stirs up a hornets’ nest by telling Peter Marsden how Superintendent Tom Chandler raped his sister, setting the scene for a volatile confrontation at Sun Hill. Beth Cordingly and Rene Zagger star

Classic Holby City


Fletch worries there may be more to Theo’s disappearance than meets the eye

Fletch worries there may be more to Theo’s disappearance than meets the eye. Chloe’s day is thrown off balance when a surprise visitor appears, and Donna meets Xavier’s mother for the first time, but things don’t go as smoothly as expected



Tragedy strikes on the day of Robyn and Glen’s wedding

The day of Robyn and Glen’s wedding arrives, but the groom has a seizure while getting ready at the hotel. Dylan performs a CT scan on him that confirms his cancer has returned, but he keeps quiet and gets through the ceremony, with tragedy striking as the couple depart for their honeymoon. Rash treats a woman suffering from anxiety after the death of her fiance

The Bill


The serial killer strikes again

When another body turns up on the banks of the Thames, Klein fears his club `colleague” Sandie could be the Sun Hill serial killer’s latest victim, and Chandler walks into a tight corner when he visits Anne Merrick to prove his innocence. Back at the station Cryer says too much to headline-hungry hack Simon Kitson, unwittingly setting Stamp on course for a lot of grief, and Hunter’s intelligence on the Dutch drugs shipment seems too good to be true

Classic EastEnders


Lisa makes a decision

Classic EastEnders


Sharon tells Phil about her row with Tom, and Phil tells her how his dad used to hit him

Howards’ Way


Avril discharges herself from hospital



An axe-wielding jailbird stalks Lovejoy

An overzealous taxman sets out to snare Lovejoy – not to mention an axe-wielding jailbird determined to retrieve an ornate Arab head-dress. Drama, starring Ian McShane and Dudley Sutton

Peak Practice


Jack suspects a patient of malingering

Jack suspects a patient of malingering and Beth becomes embroiled in a family dispute when one of her patients suffers a heart attack. Medical drama, starring Kevin Whately and Amanda Burton

As Time Goes By


Jean takes pity on a homeless girl

With Alistair and Judith happily married, Harry tries to find the courage to ask Sandy to move to Canada with him, and Lionel has his usual doubts about his relationship with Jean when she takes pity on a homeless girl. Comedy, starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer

Keeping Up Appearances


Hyacinth plans to show off her singing talents

Hyacinth plans a candlelit supper to impress Emmet, the director of the local amateur operatic society, with her singing talents. But fate intervenes and the event does not go as expected. Comedy, starring Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift and David Griffin

Last of the Summer Wine


The trio try to capitalise on a heatwave

The trio decide there is profit to be made from a heatwave, so Seymour designs a vendor’s side car cooler to put Compo into business as an ice-cream man. Comedy, starring Michael Aldridge and Bill Owen

Last of the Summer Wine


Compo and Clegg hatch a devious plan

Dalziel & Pascoe


Feature-length episode. A clubber is found dead

Feature-length episode. A clubber is found dead from a suspected drug overdose – but the autopsy results reveal an even more disturbing truth. A preliminary investigation turns up a wealth of suspects, and brings Dalziel face to face with a ghost from his past. Detective drama, starring Warren Clarke, Colin Buchanan and Bernard Cribbins

New Tricks


The team encounters witchcraft

The team reopens the 10-year-old murder of a librarian who also belonged to a witches’ coven, and tries to track down the other members of the group. Halford has visions of his dead wife, and becomes convinced he has been cursed, while Lane starts to suspect the killing may have been part of a human sacrifice. With guest star Stephanie Beacham

Clocking Off


A bride-to-be disappears in her wedding dress

Bad Girls


Bev fights for her life

As Bev clings on to life in the hospital wing, governor Frances Myers vows to put a stop to the drug-dealers’ activities, placing Phyl under 24-hour surveillance. An increasingly tense Jim continues to be haunted by his murderous actions, although attention from Di could provide a welcome distraction from the nightmares of recent months, while Selena hatches yet another plan to get Kris out from behind bars – only for her plan to go awry once more. Colin is left sweating by the crackdown on substance abuse, but an unexpected – and rather determined – admirer leaves his head spinning



An Australian collector visits

A collector from Australia visits Britain to search for the one item he’s coveted all his life – the legendary Benin Bronze. Unfortunately, the DTI won’t allow an export licence, so he devises another way of getting hold of it. Drama, starring Ian McShane

Passport to Freedom


Aracy and João rush to help Jews desperate to escape the Holocaust


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