BBC Two Today Saturday 28 January 2023

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What’s On BBC Two Today Saturday 28 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on BBC Two today.

Hey Duggee


Tag learns the importance of listening on his first day

Hey Duggee


King Tiger tries on lots of hats



Evil Pea and Supertato team up to find treasure

Shaun the Sheep


Shaun tries to reunite a newly hatched gosling with his parents

Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!


Walter conspires to get Dennis thrown out of school

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese


Dog’s old karate teacher retires

The Football Academy


Kaden and the U9s go on their first overnight trip away from their parents

The Dengineers


A history buff wants a Shakespeare-themed den

Operation Ouch!


The doctors take a look at fat pads in the feet.


Current affairs reports

Blue Peter

Tom Fletcher announces a new writing competition

Deadly Pole to Pole


Steve Backshall heads to Peru

Steve Backshall heads to Peru in South America. In the shadow of the Andes he searches cactus-shrewn shrubland for a rare pit viper, before trekking into the mountains on a stakeout to film the world’s largest bird of prey. Next the team discover that their rustic accommodation has been invaded by tarantulas, but the presenter tracks down a wasp so large that it can prey on the arachnids

Serengeti III


In the aftermath of the great fire, the animals struggle to survive

In the aftermath of the great fire, the animals struggle to survive in an unrecognisable and inhospitable land. Bakari the baboon discovers his rival has perished in the blaze – but this does little to calm the tensions among the troop. Kali the lioness found refuge in a cave, but now she and her cubs are trapped there while her sister gives birth. They are separated from the pride with nothing to eat and no one to defend them

Sort Your Life Out with Stacey Solomon


Stacey Solomon helps the Harris-Hawley family transform their home

Stacey Solomon and her team help the Harris-Hawley family transform their home. Childhood sweethearts Dan and Char along with their daughters Mia and Cece realise just how much unnecessary clutter they own when they take everything out and see it displayed in front of them. The family go through their most treasured items full of emotion, reflecting on the tough times they’ve come through ahead of their wedding which is just one week away

The Hairy Bikers Go Local


Dave Myers and Si King visit the Stackpole Inn in Pembrokeshire

Dave Myers and Si King visit the Stackpole Inn in Pembrokeshire, a multi award-winning gastro pub. Owners Gary and Becky first took it on 15 years ago, and were joined in 2019 by head chef Matt Waldron. It’s the Bikers’ mission to introduce Matt and team Stackpole to the fantastic local food producers that aren’t yet on their radar

Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start


Ways the families can incorporate more fruit and vegetables into their diets

For the fourth stage of his challenge, the Michelin starred chef shifts his focus onto the health of the eight families, and demonstrates ways that the families can incorporate more fruit and vegetables into their diets. Tom shares a series of healthy recipes packed full of goodness, including spicy beef lettuce cups, a stir fry, and banana choc-ices. Tom also pays a visit to the Loveday family at their home in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, where he helps Tim and his wife Claire cook his Russian Salad, and challenges them to only eat vegetarian meals for a whole week

The Diary of Anne Frank

Fact-based drama, starring Millie Perkins
1959 – Drama, History

Movie: The Diary of Anne Frank -

Oscar-winning fact-based drama based on the famous journal of a German Jewish girl forced to go into hiding with her family from Nazis in an Amsterdam attic for two years. Starring Millie Perkins, Shelley Winters and Richard Beymer

Great Australian Railway Journeys

Michael Portillo travels by rail from Kuranda to Townsville

Michael Portillo travels by rail through Queensland from Kuranda to Townsville, marvelling at the engineering expertise of a railway line built in the 1890s. He also visits a plantation where he learns how to harvest sugar cane and ventures into the hinterland, where he braves a crocodile safari

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job


Alan takes charge of a bedroom, but Amanda struggles with his vision

Alan takes charge designing the first bedroom, but doubt soon sets in as Amanda and Scott struggle to get on board with his artistic vision. To nail his `rustic chic” look, Alan visits interior designer Marie at her 300-year-old palazzo and ropes in Amanda to help source vintage gems at Palermo’s famous flea market. Later, Amanda surprises Alan with a birthday boat trip along Sicily’s stunning Zingaro coast

Flog It!


Paul Martin presents from Newby Hall, North Yorkshire

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip


With Radzi Chinyanganya and Karim Zeroual

Children’s TV presenters Radzi Chinyanganya and Karim Zeroua travel around Wales looking for item to take auction, with the help of experts Paul Martin and Catherine Southon. Radzi decides to quite literally go for gold as he gambles more than half his budget on the precious metal, while Karim hopes there is money to be made from a 1950s stone duck

Waterhole: Africa’s Animal Oasis


Circumstances change when rains hit the waterhole

The rains hit the waterhole, and for the first time in half a year, grass begins to grow and water is everywhere, dramatically changing the fortunes of the wild residents. The waterhole area is totally transformed into a lush grazing pasture and a pair of Egyptian geese take up permanent residence on the waterhole’s edge. Using remote cameras, Chris Packham reveals how the waterhole hyena clan copes with these new circumstances, while Ella Al-Shamahi uncovers the huge shift in the waterhole timetable and spots new competition flooding into the area – wildebeest

Princes in the Tower: Lucy Worsley Investigates


The story of the two boys who disappeared in 1483

Lucy uncovers the story of Edward IV’s sons Edward and Richard, whose disappearance in 1483 has led to centuries of mystery. The princes were taken to the Tower of London for their own protection, but a priest declared the boys illegitimate and their uncle Richard next in line to the throne. The gaps in the historical record have fuelled 500 years of speculation, so Lucy speaks to history professor Tim Thornton, who has found evidence of one account of what happened written by Thomas More, while Richard III Society chair Matthew Lewis gives his views on the events

Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World


The meteoric rise of hip-hop and gangster rap in the 1990s

Chuck D, fellow rap stars and cultural commentators explore the meteoric rise of hip-hop and gangster rap in the 1990s during a tumultuous period in US history. In the years after the Los Angeles riots of 1992, hip-hop was accused of promoting violence and misogyny, all while reaching new commercial success and seeing the rise of a wave of confident female rappers

Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World


How the industry used its power and influence to fight for change in the 2000s

Chuck D, fellow hip-hop stars and cultural commentators tell the story of how the rap industry hit extraordinary heights going into the new millennium, using its power and influence to effect change in ways that were unthinkable when the culture was first born – culminating in the global protests over the death of George Floyd.

Later… with Jools Holland: US Hip-Hop

With Fugees, the Roots, Ice-T, Mary J Blige, Jay-Z and Grandmaster Flash

Tupac Shakur: A Life in Ten Pictures


A journey through the rapper’s life in 10 photos

Tupac Shakur’s image is known around the world as he was one of hip-hop’s most photographed figures. But could just a handful of photos uncover new truths about someone we think we know? This edition throws a lens onto an extraordinary life by focusing on 10 defining pictures, from famous shots to private snaps, with their secrets revealed by those who were there, and those who knew the hip-hop star best

Our Flag Means Death


Blackbeard experiences an identity crisis

A feverish Stede flashes back to scenes of his marriage, while Blackbeard experiences an identity crisis. Jim fields awkward questions from the over-curious crew, and with the Spanish approaching, the two captains must each walk a mile in the other’s shoes. Pirate comedy, starring Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi


Crime drama, starring Francesco Di Napoli
2020 – Drama, Crime

Movie: Piranhas -

Nicola is a young man who lives with his mother and brother in the Sanitae neighbourhood of Naples, a place which has been controlled by the Camorra mafia for centuries. Dreaming of a better life, Nicola and his friends start selling drugs, their entry into the violent, power-hungry world of crime. However, they soon realise they are in over their heads. Claudio Giovannesi’s crime drama, starring Francesco Di Napoli, Viviana Aprea and Alfredo Turitto. In Neapolitan

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