BLUE LIGHTNING, THE (Channel 7 1986)

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This is our Generic Classic TV Image
This is our Generic Classic TV Image

Australia / Channel 7-Roadshow Coote and Carroll / 1x96m-e / 1986 (May)

Writer: William Kelly / Camera: Geoff Simpson / Design: Chris Brechwoldt / Music: Frank Strangio / Producer: Ross Matthews / Executive Producers: Alan Sloan, Greg Coote, Matt Carroll / Director: Lee Philips

Thriller. American Harry Wingate is hired to get hold of a valuable opal being kept in high security conditions.

Cast: SAM ELLIOTT as Harry Wingate / REBECCA GILLING as Kate McQueen / JOHN MEILLON as Dr Giles / ROBERT COLEBY as Trowbridge / MAX PHIPPS as Cathcart / RALPH COTTERILL as Words / ROBERT CULP as McInally 


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