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Classic Holby City


Kian returns to Darwin Ward, determined to make amends with Jac

Kian returns to Darwin Ward, determined to make amends with Jac. But when forgiveness does not come easy, Kian goes into self-destruct mode – with almost fatal consequences. Meanwhile, a broken Essie searches for her purpose, but where will she find the answer she seeks? Ric suspects Guy has fallen off the wagon and sets out to stop him working at Holby, once and for all


A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home


A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

Born and Bred


Eddie’s Uncle Fred becomes a free spirit

Eddie’s Uncle Fred is diagnosed with leukaemia and decides to make the most of the time he has left, inviting Phyllis to join him on a world cruise – and asking his reluctant nephew to take over the family business. Wilf discovers an old by-law that allows him to charge people every time they enter the village and Michael causes mayhem as he discovers the fun to be had with itching powder. Medical drama, guest starring David Troughton, with James Bolam, Michael French and Maggie Steed

Born and Bred


The village water supply runs dry

The Last Detective


A stock-car driver is killed

Dangerous Davies investigates the death of stock-car driver Geoff Fallon during a world championship race, discovering a father and son could hold the perfect motive for the man’s murder. Meanwhile, Aspinall’s return to the bottle threatens his promotion hopes. Detective drama, guest starring Aiden Gillen, Michelle Collins, Jamie Foreman and Kevin Doyle, alongside Peter Davison and Rob Spendlove

The Last Detective


An ex-con is murdered as he prepares to publish his memoirs

The team struggles to name a suspect when recently released criminal Jimmy Vincent is murdered as he prepares to publish his explosive memoirs. Before long, they learn the gun used to kill the ex-con was also used in a heist bearing all the hallmarks of one of his trademark crimes. The Who singer Roger Daltrey guest stars

Pie in the Sky


Fisher gives Henry an awkward assignment

Chief Constable Fisher’s daughter escapes the fold to live with a group of travellers, leaving him facing the difficult task of finding her before his wife returns from Kenya. Light-hearted drama, starring Richard Griffiths, Malcolm Sinclair and Natalie Morse

Pie in the Sky


A trout farmer is accused of murder

When trout farmer Bill Pritchard is accused of murder following his fiancee’s mysterious disappearance, Crabbe tries to clear his old friend’s name – much to the police’s annoyance. Richard Griffiths stars as the corpulent cook, with Alfred Lynch and Maggie Steed

Pie in the Sky


Crabbe helps a beleaguered medium

Crabbe investigates a psychic’s claims to have received a sack of poison-pen letters, and concludes her apparent plight is all a cheap publicity stunt – until he uncovers a possible link between the hate mail and a local girl’s death. Offbeat crime drama, starring Richard Griffiths, Maggie Steed and Selina Cadell

Inspector George Gently


Bacchus and Gently investigate the rape of a prostitute

A prostitute turns up at the station claiming to have been raped, and as Gently looks back at past cases, he is shocked to discover that very few have been successfully prosecuted – if they made it to court in the first place. Risking animosity from his colleagues, he becomes suspicious when he notices the same police inspector’s name appearing repeatedly in the files. To complicate matters, the body of another rape victim is found, prompting a visit to the local brothel. Meanwhile, Bacchus has started an affair with Gemma, the wife of a fellow copper. Martin Shaw, Lee Ingleby and Lisa McGrillis star, with guest appearances from Denise Welch, Derek Riddell and Emily Woof

The Brokenwood Mysteries


A young actor collapses and dies during a performance

During a performance of Hamlet, young cast member Ben Faulkner collapses and dies. Initially the detectives think Ben died of natural causes, until Mike uncovers a complex web of ego-driven dissension among the troupe and follows his nose to the real cause of death

Father Brown


A killer strikes at a finishing school

Miss Marple


Feature-length episode. A body is found in a couple’s library

Feature-length episode of the drama. A couple wake up to find a strangled corpse on the hearthrug in their library – but help is at hand in the diminutive form of venerable amateur sleuth Miss Marple, who just happens to live next door. She agrees to investigate but, as her inquiries get under way, another body is discovered. Joan Hickson, Gwen Watford and Moray Watson star



Crime thriller, starring Ken Stott

Ken Stott stars as Ian Rankin’s Edinburgh detective. Rebus tries to discover the significance of an intriguing clue left at the scene of an eminent doctor’s murder – a small coffin containing an effigy of a baby. A subsequent killing suggests parallels with an unsolved case, and the investigation gradually focuses on one of the city’s wealthiest families. Crime thriller, with Claire Price

Silent Witness


Feature-length episode. A schoolgirl’s murder forces Jack to confront his troubled past

Feature-length episode. Jack turns out to have a personal connection to the prime suspect in a teenage girl’s murder, so he is taken off the case and replaced with another forensic scientist seconded to the Lyell Centre. But he finds himself instinctively drawn into the investigation, alienating himself from Nikki and the team as he tries to find an alibi for the supposed killer. Meanwhile, the victim’s best friend is consumed with guilt, leading her to take drastic action. Crime drama, starring David Caves, Emilia Fox and Richard Lintern, with guest appearances by Haydn Gwynne and Ashley Walters

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