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Today Monday 27 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Drama


A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

Pie in the Sky


Crabbe has an unwelcome visitor

Crabbe has cause to regret getting involved in an elderly cookery writer’s family affairs, and a series of squabbles among the staff only add to his woes. Comedy drama, starring Richard Griffiths and Maggie Steed

The Bill


Klein jeopardises the undercover operation

Hunter refuses to back off as the undercover operation spirals out of control and Klein reveals confidential information while under the influence of cocaine. McAllister returns to work, and hopes to keep her pregnancy a secret, but a female colleague is already working out who the father might be. Meanwhile, Sam reckons she has found the serial killer, and Mickey Webb inadvertently drives another nail in Chandler’s coffin

Classic Holby City


The high court gives its judgement on withdrawing care for Ange’s patient

As the high court gives its judgement on withdrawing care for Ange’s patient, the protesters gather outside, leading to disastrous consequences for Fletch. Ric battles to control Kofi’s anger when he arrives at Holby with a tearful Darla, and Frieda returns to Darwin ready to lose herself in work, only to be paired with a frustrating Zosia for the day



Rash’s confidence is tested when he treats a prisoner

Rash’s new-found confidence is tested when he treats a prisoner, who also leads Gem into danger. Bea looks after a Falklands War veteran, before going up against smarmy F1 Eddie for a place on a coveted training course. Alicia tries to apologise to Ethan about the blog, but he makes it clear he’s not interested

The Bill


Kerry Young is taken hostage

Kerry Young is taken hostage while investigating a routine report of a house break-in, and Nick Klein tells Phil Hunter he may have jeopardised the drugs operation by letting it slip in an unguarded moment that he is a police officer. Behind the scenes, Mickey Webb stirs up a hornets’ nest by telling Peter Marsden how Superintendent Tom Chandler raped his sister, setting the scene for a volatile confrontation at Sun Hill. Beth Cordingly and Rene Zagger star

Classic EastEnders


After a traumatic few months, Little Mo decides to put the past behind her

Classic EastEnders


News of Little Mo and Billy’s relationship pleases the Slaters

Howards’ Way


Amanda’s father confronts Leo



A Japanese antique intrigues Lovejoy

Tinker and Lovejoy set out to unravel the meaning behind a strange carving of a Japanese firefly cage, helped by Lady Jane Felsham. Drama, starring Ian McShane

Peak Practice


Beth and Jack are excited about their wedding day

Beth and Jack are excited about their wedding day, but their friends’ idyllic marriage reveals deeper feelings which bring them down to earth. Starring Amanda Burton and Kevin Whately

As Time Goes By


Alistair and Judith tie the knot

The truth about Alistair’s wedding nerves is revealed after he and Lionel spill the beans, but Rocky comes to the rescue to ensure the ceremony finally takes place. Jean refuses to give up on her efforts to play Cupid between Harry and Sandy

Keeping Up Appearances


Hyacinth’s wealthy acquaintance asks for a lift

Last of the Summer Wine


Compo tries out Seymour’s latest invention

Last of the Summer Wine


Seymour invents a car safety device

Seymour invents a car safety device and as soon as he hears Nora Batty is to attend its demonstration, Compo volunteers to be the dummy that tests it. Comedy, starring Michael Aldridge and Bill Owen

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


Feature-length episode. A woman is murdered in rural Suffolk

Feature-length episode. Havers returns to work and is forced to confront demons from her past as the team investigates the case of a woman murdered with a shotgun. A cryptic word painted at the crime scene and the discovery of a mysterious photo lead the police to think the killer is sending them clues, and further investigations uncover a secret the local community has been trying to hide

New Tricks


The team tracks a vicious criminal

The team tracks vicious criminal Chopper Hadley, who is back in the country for a week, with Brian going undercover to apprehend the villain. Patrick Malahide (The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries) guest stars, with Dennis Waterman, James Bolam and Alun Armstrong

Clocking Off


Mack hits crisis point

Tensions both at home and the factory finally lead Mack to breaking point. Feeling he can no longer cope, he decides it is time to make a major change in his life, and when ne’er-do-well brother Eddie puts in an unexpected appearance, the perfect opportunity seems to have presented itself. Philip Glenister and Craig Kelly star

Bad Girls


The girls celebrate Yvonne’s apparent escape

Six weeks after Yvonne’s apparent escape, Fenner feels he is starting to unravel, plagued by nightmares about his hard-faced adversary and unsure whether she managed to wriggle out of his trap. Meanwhile, the girls are blissfully unaware of his evil scheming, and continue to celebrate the former top-dog’s success – and her actions even inspire another inmate to make a bid for freedom – will all go to plan? Elsewhere, Bev’s alcohol-raddled body struggles to cope with the effects of her new favourite fix, fresh faces cause a stir in the cells and the identity of the wing governor is announced



The trade in medals turns lethal

Lady Jane persuades Lovejoy to act as driver for an old friend who has to attend her sea-faring brother’s burial. The roguish antiques dealer is given the job of selling the late captain’s Second World War medals, and there is a smart fashion photographer who wants them. However, some drunken sailors then come into the picture and Lovejoy finds himself dealing with the gun-toting Italian Angelo Pantaloni. Light-hearted drama, with Ian McShane

Passport to Freedom


Aracy reluctantly enlists Zumkle to help her get a pair of children out of the country before it is too late


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