E=MC² (Channel 4 2005)

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This is our Generic Classic TV Image

Book: David Bodanis (based on) / Producer and Director: Gary Johnstone

Drama documentary exploring the roots of Einstein’s famous equation. >From the discoveries of Michael Farady, Antoine-Laurent Lavosier and Emilie du Châtelet which contributed vital elements of scientific wisdom which in the early 1900’s were related by Einstein’s deceptively simple formula which went on to provide the basis for the creation of nuclear power and the atomic bomb.

Narrated by Christopher Eccleston

Cast: AIDAN McARDLE as Albert Einstein / SHIRLEY HENDERSON as Mileva Maric / STEPHEN ROBERTSON as Michael Faraday / JULIAN RHIND-TUTT as Anyoine-Laurent Lavosier / RICHARD HENSHALL as James Clerk Maxwell / HÉLÈNE DE FOUGEROLES as Emilie du Châtelet / EMILY WOOF as Lise Meitner


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