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The critics pass judgment on Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor and Britain Afloat

The armchair critics pass judgment on programmes including Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor, Britain Afloat, Liar, The Great British Bake Off and Celebrity Hunted, as well as news stories about Theresa May and Harvey Weinstein

Below Deck Sailing Yacht


Jenna and Adam pick up the pieces of Madison and Ciara’s botched beach picnic

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


A Georgia restaurant plagued by mismanagement and lazy cooking

Gordon Ramsay heads to Atlanta, Georgia, in an attempt to save a family-run smokehouse restaurant plagued by mismanagement and lazy cooking. Michon’s owner, Al Wilson, had always hoped he could pass his beloved business on to daughter Natalie, but when he suffered a collapsed lung the handover came about much earlier than expected. Now it’s down to Gordon to motivate Natalie and save Michon’s from disaster

The Neighborhood


Calvin decides to film a TV commercial for his business

The Neighborhood


Grover joins Calvin’s youth basketball team


Darren decides to take matters into his own hands


DeMarcus has a tough decision to make

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


A failing restaurant in Fremont, California

Gordon Ramsay travels to Fremont, California, in an attempt to save a restaurant that is tearing the owners’ marriage apart. Saki Kavouniaris took over Spin a Yarn in 1995 and began to turn it into a success, before marrying bartender Jennifer. When the business started to fail, the couple decided to splash out on refurbishments to recover their glory days, but their efforts have been futile and now their relationship is at stake

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


Charlie’s Italian bistro in La Verne, southern California

Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to Charlie’s Italian bistro in La Verne, southern California, where the owner’s lack of business nous is putting her relatives’ homes at risk, after her mother and sister put them up as collateral. To make matters worse, the restaurant’s food is less than appetising and its long-serving chef seems to be incompetent

The Neighborhood


Gemma sets a reluctant Malcolm up on a blind date

The Neighborhood


Calvin agrees to let Marty create a website for his garage

The Big Bang Theory


Raj is named one of People magazine’s ’30 to Watch Under 30″

Elated at being named one of People magazine’s ’30 to Watch Under 30″, Raj makes a pass at Penny and becomes very arrogant, making it hard for Leonard to maintain a positive perspective on his friend’s new-found confidence. Guest starring Charlie Sheen

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon is forced to overcome his fear of driving

Sheldon is forced to confront his fear of driving when both Penny and Howard refuse to give him a lift to work. Desperate to be free of the obligation, Leonard and the gang intervene to discover why their friend never learnt to drive. Comedy, starring Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, with Octavia Spencer

Modern Family


Gloria panics when Joe is deemed too aggressive

Gloria panics when Joe is deemed too aggressive for gym class, leading her to worry that he has inherited a family curse, and Cam spins Lily a little white lie about her missing cat, only for it to spiral out of control. Phil taps into a rich new vein of clients – recently divorced women – but are they more trouble than they’re worth? American comedy, starring Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell

Modern Family


Cam is scared to tell his sister about his engagement

Cam’s older sister is in town but he is scared to share his engagement news with her because she is a sad, lonely singleton. Or so he thinks. Phil and Claire feel guilty when they make a joint decision to skip Luke’s volleyball game and Jay tells Gloria she needs reading glasses – but she’s not having any of it. The 100th episode of the family sitcom, starring Eric Stonetreet, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Ed O’Neill

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Holt is suspicious when an old enemy dies in a prison transport accident

Peralta and Santiago investigate a difficult `he said, she said” case. Captain Holt becomes suspicious that a cunning escape from jail has taken place after discovering that his lifelong criminal arch-nemesis has died in a prison transport accident

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake helps Amy sort out her complicated relationship with her brother

Peralta helps Santiago to navigate the complicated relationship that she has with her brother David. Boyle introduces some drama into an undercover mission involving Jeffords and Captain Holt

The Big Bang Theory


Howard returns from space

Howard returns from his space mission, but the welcome from his friends and family does not meet his expectations. His night alone with Bernadette goes badly, his mother ignores him, and he realises Stuart has taken his place as Raj’s best friend. On top of that, Sheldon, Amy, Leonard and Penny kick him out of their group games night. Comedy, starring Simon Helberg

The Big Bang Theory


Stuart and Raj host a Halloween party. Buzz Aldrin guest stars

Stuart hosts a Halloween party at the comic-book store, and Howard talks incessantly about his work on board the International Space Station, annoying his wife and friends. Penny and Leonard have a steamy encounter at the lab. Guest starring real-life astronaut Buzz Aldrin

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon lends Penny money to pay her rent

Penny runs into money troubles, so Sheldon offers to lend her some cash to help her pay the rent. However, when Leonard discovers his neighbour’s ex-boyfriend Kurt is the cause of her financial woes, he gathers the gang for a confrontation. Starring Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard’s mother visits

Leonard and Penny share an intimate moment as they recover from a psychological deconstruction by the physicist’s mother, an expert in psychiatry and neural sciences. Guest starring Mamma Mia! actress Christine Baranski

Modern Family


Jay is troubled by a revelation from best pal Shorty

Jay is troubled when best pal Shorty reveals that he and his wife are moving away. Phil and Claire take Haley out to discuss her future, while Mitchell and Cam take a break from all the wedding planning to enjoy a romantic meal – only to interrupt a couple’s surprise engagement dinner. Chazz Palminteri and Jennifer Tilly guest star

Modern Family


Claire and Phil spy on Luke and his friends

Claire thinks Luke is up to no good with his friends, so she persuades a reluctant Phil into helping her spy on their son. Gloria is suspicious of Jay when he starts moaning amorously in his sleep and Mitch struggles to keep a secret from Cam

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake leads a manhunt after an assassination attempt on a city councillor

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


A new captain attempts to ingratiate herself with Jake and the squad

The Big Bang Theory


An old VHS tape inspires Sheldon not to give up

The Big Bang Theory


A paintball game results in mayhem

Sheldon becomes jealous when Amy gets attention in the media, Raj spots Anu talking to her ex-boyfriend, and Stuart is intimidated by the idea of moving in with Denise, all of which cause mayhem when Penny and Leonard organise a paintball game

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon is forced to work with Kripke

Sheldon is furious when the university forces him to work with Kripke, while Howard’s hobby lands him in financial trouble. However, that doesn’t stop him and Raj getting expensive action figures of themselves made – much to Bernadette’s disapproval

The Big Bang Theory


Amy suggests moving in with Sheldon

An argument between Leonard and Sheldon over the ending of a Harry Potter book affects Amy and Penny’s living arrangements. Meanwhile, Howard goes on a trip to Las Vegas with Bernadette and asks Raj to keep an eye on his mother while he is away


Ethan may have found a way to make all of Sienna’s dreams come true

The Big Bang Theory


Raj is named one of People magazine’s ’30 to Watch Under 30″

Elated at being named one of People magazine’s ’30 to Watch Under 30″, Raj makes a pass at Penny and becomes very arrogant, making it hard for Leonard to maintain a positive perspective on his friend’s new-found confidence. Guest starring Charlie Sheen

Below Deck Sailing Yacht


The crew bonds on their day off

Crocodile Dundee

Comedy, starring Paul Hogan
1986 – Adventure, Comedy

Movie cast

Movie: Crocodile Dundee -

A New York reporter searches the Australian Outback for a maverick hunter with a legendary reputation, and invites the adventurer back to America. But the die-hard Aussie needs to draw on all his survival skills to adjust to life in the urban jungle. Comedy adventure, written by and starring Paul Hogan, with Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon and Mark Blum


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