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What’s On Channel 4 Today Friday 26 May 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Channel 4 today.

Come Dine with Me

The first of a week of dinner parties from in and around Liverpool

This competition takes place in and around Liverpool, where the first to host is 41-year-old taxi business owner Rob, who plans a Scouse themed evening. The guests he is hoping to impress are 23-year-old fitness fanatic Toria, 44-year-old property developer Christine, 40-year-old South African business woman Sam, and 20-year-old student Inzy

Come Dine with Me

Liverpool businesswoman Sam tries to impress with a South-African-themed evening

Come Dine with Me

Gym worker Toria hosts the third party in Liverpool

Come Dine with Me

Student Inzy is the fourth host in Liverpool

Undergraduate Inzy is the fourth host in Liverpool, and he is on a mission to prove students really can cook. The flirting between him and Toria continues, but will he allow love to stand in way of the competition?

Come Dine with Me

Property developer Christine plans a Spanish holiday-themed dinner

In Liverpool, property developer Christine plans to wow her guests with a Spanish holiday-themed dinner party. However, the mood is rather more feisty than fiesta as on-going tensions finally come to a head and it’s not long before the honesty – and the sparks – begin to fly

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It: Brilliant Builds


Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer look back at two of their biggest builds

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer look back at two of their biggest builds. In Huddersfield, Paul and Dawn Welham-Campbell’s higgledy-piggledy layout simply does not work for them any more. Kirstie gets the sledgehammer out, while Phil searches for properties to rival Paul and Dawn’s own. In Woodford, east London, Keeley and Terrence Stamp are also at loggerheads. Keeley’s fed up that their family of five is bursting out of their three bedrooms and one bathroom, and that their open plan lounge is basically one big noisy thoroughfare. Which of the property duo will come up with the best solution to their problems?

Find It, Fix It, Flog It

Simon uses coloured resins to create a table from aluminium panels

Henry Cole and Simon O’Brien head to Sussex, where Simon uses coloured resins to create a table from aluminium panels, and Henry tries his hand at upcycling some unwanted office chairs

Great British History Hunters


A women-only detecting group breaks new ground in Shropshire

The British Museum’s team of experts work to uncover and restore one of the biggest coin hoards ever discovered. In the West Country, the race is on to beat thieves to a potentially life-changing discovery, and a women-only detecting group breaks new ground in Shropshire

Everybody Loves Raymond


Ally is accused of bullying

Ray and Debra have very different opinions on how to react to the news that Ally has been bullying another child on the school bus. Comedy, starring Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton

Everybody Loves Raymond


Ray becomes a churchgoer

The family begins to criticise Ray for not attending Sunday Mass like his father Frank, prompting him to become a regular churchgoer. Charles Durning guest stars alongside Ray Romano and Peter Boyle

Everybody Loves Raymond


Robert is injured in the line of duty

Robert is injured in the line of duty and Ray realises he is partly responsible. Unfortunately his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired, until he grudgingly agrees to Debra’s demand to tell his brother how much he cares for him. Comedy, starring Ray Romano, Brad Garrett and Patricia Heaton

The King of Queens


Doug decorates the house for Halloween

Doug decorates the house for Halloween against Arthur’s wishes – and then regrets it when the old man has a heart attack. Meanwhile, Deacon wants to buy a comic-book character costume for his son, but is frustrated to find there aren’t any black superheroes. Comedy, starring Kevin James

The King of Queens


Arthur undergoes heart surgery

Arthur is admitted to hospital for heart surgery and while leafing through an extensive scrapbook Carrie discovers her father’s hidden secrets. Meanwhile, Doug soon regrets makes friends with a quirky stranger in the wards. Comedy, starring Jerry Stiller and Leah Remini

The King of Queens


Arthur has a fall

When Arthur has a fall, Doug installs a camera in the basement to keep a watchful eye on him – but Deacon, Spence and Danny become addicted to spying on the pensioner. Meanwhile, Carrie decides to buy life insurance, filling her husband with fear for the future. Comedy, starring Kevin James



Lilith and Frasier are set up on a blind date

Lilith and Frasier are set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, while Martin’s gun goes off in the apartment – leaving Niles and Daphne to conceal the damage. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer, Bebe Neuwirth and David Hyde Pierce



The Maris murder case makes Niles a celebrity

The Maris murder case makes Niles a celebrity, but it’s not long before a jealous Frasier seizes the chance to regain his place in the spotlight. Meanwhile, Roz’s arrogant sister Denise gets her comeuppance. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce



KACL staff compete against a rival station

KACL staff compete against a rival station in a weight-loss challenge. Frasier refuses to participate, but Roz offers herself as part of the prize. Meanwhile, Niles struggles to cope with the sleepless nights caused by an unusual symptom of Daphne’s pregnancy

The Simpsons


Three stories of revenge

Three stories of vengeance, featuring Homer being accused of treason in post-revolutionary France, Milhouse leading a rebellion of misfits in modern-day Springfield and a new crimefighter by the name of Red Revenge takes to the streets of Springfield

The Simpsons


With the voice of Natalie Portman

Bart is awarded a driving licence for saving Springfield from a fire, and finds himself tied down when he develops a serious relationship with a teenage girl in a nearby town. Meanwhile, Lisa lands herself in trouble by falsely claiming Native American heritage. With the voice of Natalie Portman

The Simpsons


Homer borrows Mr Burns’ summer mansion

A documentary film-maker visits Springfield to see how the town’s residents are progressing, making Homer worry he will not be seen as a success. In an attempt to convince the director of his so-called achievements, he borrows Mr Burns’ summer mansion, but his cunning plan does not have the desired effect. With the voice of Eric Idle

The Simpsons


Homer becomes a fisherman

The family goes away to Marge’s favourite childhood holiday destination, which has unfortunately changed since she was last there. Homer spurs the locals into sprucing the place up, but an exuberant firework display wrecks everything, forcing him to make amends by becoming a fisherman


Sci-fi comedy, starring David Duchovny
2001 – Comedy, Science Fiction, Action

Movie cast

Movie: Evolution -

Two science teachers investigate a mysterious meteor and discover it is oozing a strange fluid containing millions of minuscule but rapidly evolving organisms – which start to turn into terrifying alien monsters with a taste for human flesh. Sci-fi comedy, starring David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, Julianne Moore, Seann William Scott, Dan Aykroyd and Ted Levine

Four in a Bed


The competition begins at the Bowling Green in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

The competition begins at the Bowling Green in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, where owner Mark Canny hopes his newly refurbished rooms and head for hosting will secure him success. Guests James and Fiona rave about their room, but Martin and Petra find a few furnishing faults. At dinner, Mark gets his guests giggling, while Andrew and Qidi’s revelation that they’re big hitters in the five-star hotel world sends everyone’s expectations sky high. In the morning, Mark’s Irish breakfast gratifies the guests, but a fridge feud leaves him far from chilled

Four in a Bed


The second visit of the week is to Redhill Holidays near Worcester

Four in a Bed


The third visit of the week comes from the Mode Lytham Hotel

Four in a Bed


The final visit is to Villa Farm Cottage in Lincolnshire

The final visit is to Villa Farm Cottage in Thornton Curtis in Lincolnshire, where perfectionist Petra Coates and her partner Martin Littlefield run a tight ship. When the guests arrive, the bathroom tiles take Andrew back to his public swimming pool days and Mark has a moan about a missing en suite. In the morning, the guests are spoilt for choice as Petra provides a German cold meat feast followed by an English breakfast cooked by Martin. However, Andrew and Qidi’s feedback about the tiling leaves Martin and Petra planning to hit back on payment day

Four in a Bed


The B&B owners meet for the last time

The B&B owners meet for the last time to find out what they’ve been paid and settle some scores. Mark from the Bowling Green Hotel questions Martin and Petra about a lack of chairs and then gives Qidi and Andrew’s noisy fridge comments a frosty reception

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces


Four women create a straw bale house oozing with rustic charm

A man embarks on an incredible adventure as he converts a freefall lifeboat into a yellow submarine camping pod in honour of his late father, while three daughters and their mother create a straw bale house oozing with rustic charm. George continues his world tour of the UK as he experiences an oriental delight on the Isle of Wight. Together with master craftsman Will Hardie, the host makes an ingenious hidden rock pool for their magical secret garden home

Channel 4 News

Including sport and weather

Monaco Grand Prix, The Legend

The history of one of the world’s best-known race circuits

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying Highlights

Action from the Circuit de Monaco

Action from the battle for pole position in the seventh round of the season, held at the Circuit de Monaco. Charles Leclerc of Ferrari qualified fastest here last year, with his team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr joining him on the front of the grid. Steve Jones presents, with analysis from David Coulthard, Mark Webber, Billy Monger and Ariana Bravo

The Equalizer 2

Action thriller, starring Denzel Washington
2018 – Action, Thriller, Crime

Movie cast

Movie: The Equalizer 2 -

Robert McCall divides his time between cab driving and looking after a young man who is mixing with a bad crowd. When a CIA friend is murdered, the former black ops agent sets out to avenge her death, and winds up fighting for survival in his hurricane-battered home town. Action thriller, starring Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal and Ashton Sanders

American Made

Fact-based comedy drama, starring Tom Cruise
2017 – Action, Crime, Comedy

Movie cast

Movie: American Made - 2018

A pilot is recruited to act as a courier for the CIA in the 1980s, carrying out covert deliveries from the US to General Noriega’s regime in Panama. However, he exploits the opportunity to set up a profitable sideline trafficking drugs for a cartel. His dangerous double life takes a darker turn when he is ordered to supply weapons to far-right rebel groups operating in Nicaragua. Fact-based comedy drama, starring Tom Cruise and Domhnall Gleeson


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