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Private Eyes


Danica and Kate’s wedding is thrown into a chaos

Criminals: Caught on Camera

The use of CCTV to fight crime

Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces around the nation to discover how CCTV and technological advances are helping to bring criminals to justice. The programme reveals how essential surveillance cameras have become in the fight against crime and features footage of people caught red-handed


Home shopping


Home shopping



Bishop and McGee pose as a married couple to investigate a US Marine’s murder

A US Marine is found murdered in Quantico, mere hours after calling Gibbs to discuss a possible case. In response, Bishop and McGee go undercover as a married couple to run surveillance on a lieutenant and his wife, who may be connected to the death. Starring Mark Harmon, Emily Wickersham and Michael Weatherly

Entertainment News on 5

Showbiz news and gossip



Vance investigates a murder that seems to be connected to his past

A young Navy Seaman is found dead, with his eyes gouged out, after being involved in a car accident. Director Vance makes a rare return to field duty, pairing up with Gibbs to investigate when it becomes clear the killing seems to be connected to the case of Kip Klugman, a former NCIS agent he once locked up for stealing evidence. Starring Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll



Armed men storm a pharmaceutical lab

Abby visits a pharmaceutical lab to investigate a murder case, but when armed men storm the facility and hold everyone hostage, she is trapped within the building with no means of communicating with the outside world. Crime drama, starring Pauley Perrette, Mark Harmon and David McCallum

Law & Order


An Aids researcher is killed

Animal rights activists are implicated in the death of an Aids researcher killed by a bite from an infected monkey, and use the ensuing court case to drum up support for their cause. As events unfold, McCoy and Carmichael find themselves debating ethics with lawyers who argue the protection of animal life is a valid defence in a murder case

Law & Order


A body is found in Central Park

A woman’s body is found in a Central Park lake during a Puerto Rican Day parade. The victim turns out to be the wife of a powerful billionaire, and pressure is put on the police to find the culprit quickly. Suspicion falls on the business partner of the victim’s husband and a witness comes forward to identify him, making everything seem clear cut – but not for long

Law & Order


A restaurant owner is beaten to death

A restaurant owner is beaten to death and Briscoe and Green’s investigation leads them to a gang of thrill-seeking teenagers who tried to steal from the victim but ended up killing him. The ensuing case leaves McCoy with a dilemma over whether the accused are old enough to face the death penalty

Law & Order


A governor’s wife is murdered

The Governor of Connecticut’s wife is murdered at a Republican Party function and the investigation leads police to uncover a gay love triangle involving her husband. An arrest is soon made, but a key witness is barred from testifying at the trial because he has entered into a civil partnership with the killer

Law & Order


An attack on a DJ is connected to the Mafia

A notorious radio DJ claims to have survived an attack by two men posing as chauffeurs. Fontana and Green are dubious at first, knowing he has a history of staging bogus assaults on himself, but the discovery that he is having an affair with a mobster’s mistress prompts them to investigate further. However, proving the Mafia’s involvement depends on a number of unreliable or unavailable witnesses. Dennis Farina and Jesse L Martin star

Law & Order


A jeweller who betrayed the Russian Mob is shot dead

A jeweller with ties to the Russian Mob is shot dead in the middle of Times Square. It emerges that he had been helping the authorities bring his associates to justice, giving the detectives some obvious suspects. However, another man injured in the gunfire is later identified as one of the two shooters, bringing his accomplice and then the dead man’s wife under suspicion



The team asks a traumatised serviceman to relive the events of a brutal ambush in Iraq

An American couple are attacked in Iraq, in the very same spot a group of US Special Ops snipers were ambushed six months earlier. Determined to get to the bottom of the case, Gibbs is forced to speak to Aaron Davis, the only survivor of the first assault, who is now struggling through PTSD at the Walter Reed Medical Centre. The 300th episode of the military crime drama, starring Mark Harmon, David McCallum and Pauley Perrette



A Navy Officer’s tangled love-life is exposed after he is murdered

A US Navy Public Affairs Officer is killed, and when the team takes up the case, both the man’s wife and his mistress emerge as potential suspects. Each woman offering a very different take on the chain of events that led to the murder, and the investigators are forced to decide which of the two is telling the truth. Meanwhile, DiNozzo’s father comes to the aid of a homeless woman, who makes a surprising claim about his relationship with her. Guest starring Robert Wagner



Tony’s identity is stolen by fraudsters seeking to blackmail US senators

Tony finds himself in a difficult position when his identity is stolen. Worse yet, multiple fraudsters make use of his status as a special agent to blackmail US senators, and as the chain of events begins to spiral out of control, it is left to the real Dinozzo to bring the perpetrators to justice. Naval crime drama, starring Michael Weatherly



Gibbs and TC Fornell hunt two British fugitives

Gibbs teams up with his old friend Senior FBI Agent TC Fornell after two British prisoners, including a former spy, escape captivity and flee to the US via a shipping container. Meanwhile, McGee is busy hunting for a new apartment, and is determined to discover how DiNozzo managed to snag his lavish home. Naval crime drama, guest starring Joe Spano

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


A woman accuses her flatmate’s brother of rape

A woman accuses her flatmate’s brother of rape, but the detectives realise the evidence points to another assailant and are soon talking to a pupil at a nearby school. Novak is brought on board to prosecute the youngster, but finds herself up against a legal heavyweight in the courtroom. Crime drama, guest starring Terrence Howard and Diane Neal

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


A baby is abandoned outside a gym

Benson and Stabler try to establish why a baby with no signs of abuse was abandoned outside a gym, and follow a trail of clues that leads them to a nanny who has something to hide. When a series of illicit secrets comes to light, the duo soon have a murder to investigate. Crime drama, guest starring Lori Singer and John Stamos, with Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni

Blue Bloods


Frank is asked to downplay the significance of a murder

Frank is asked to publicly downplay the significance of the murder of an event organiser. However, he is caught between duty and his family when he discovers the victim was married to one of Erin’s closest friends. Meanwhile, Jamie embarks on his first undercover mission, where he makes an intriguing new acquaintance. Drama, starring Tom Selleck, with guest appearances by Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood

Blue Bloods


Danny shoots an undercover cop

Danny’s actions are closely scrutinised by Internal Affairs after he shoots an undercover cop who failed to identify himself – and investigators become concerned about his state of mind on the day of the incident. Police drama, starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg

Blue Bloods

Police drama, starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg

Drama centred on New York City police commissioner Frank Reagan, who ensures that he runs his force as tightly as he runs his household – a job made trickier by the fact that three of his children and his father all have ties to the city’s legal system. Starring Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes and Len Cariou

Private Eyes


The body of a carnival worker is found

Criminals: Caught on Camera

The use of CCTV to fight crime

Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces around the nation to discover how CCTV and technological advances are helping to bring criminals to justice. The programme reveals how essential surveillance cameras have become in the fight against crime and features footage of people caught red-handed


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