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Today Sunday 26 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV


Crime drama, starring Arthur Kennedy
1954 – Crime, Drama

Hillary on Everest

Profile of mountaineer Edmund Hillary

Action for Skids

Fantastic Voyage

Sci-fi adventure, starring Raquel Welch
1966 – Adventure, Science Fiction

Movie: Fantastic Voyage -

A medical team is miniaturised and injected into the bloodstream of a scientist to repair his severely damaged brain – unaware that one of the microscopic passengers has sabotage on his mind. Richard Fleischer’s sci-fi adventure, starring Raquel Welch, Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasence and Edmond O’Brien

Doctor in the House

Comedy, starring Dirk Bogarde
1954 – Comedy

Movie: Doctor in the House - 1966

A medical student is taken under the wing of three roguish colleagues who lead him astray into a series of pranks and amorous escapades that succeed in infuriating the dictatorial chief surgeon. Comedy based on the novel by Richard Gordon, starring Dirk Bogarde, Kenneth More, James Robertson Justice and Donald Sinden

The Second Time Around

Comedy, starring Debbie Reynolds
1961 – Western, Comedy

Movie: The Second Time Around - 1954


Comedy, starring Dinah Sheridan
1953 – Comedy

Movie: Genevieve - 1961

Two rival motoring enthusiasts engage in a friendly race on the way back from the London-to-Brighton veteran car rally. However, their light-hearted attitude turns into heated competition as they approach the finishing line, with their friendship seemingly doomed – while their long-suffering other halves have to contend with their obsession. Comedy, starring Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson, Kenneth More and Kay Kendall

The Footage Detectives

Mike and Noel celebrate the machinist and peddle-activated sewing machines

The Saint

In Munich, The Saint comes up against a woman who is connected to the murder of Simon’s friend

The Lavender Hill Mob

Ealing comedy, starring Alec Guinness
1951 – Comedy, Crime

Movie: The Lavender Hill Mob -

An unassuming bank worker masterminds a plot to steal £1million in gold bullion, then melts it down and turns it into statues of the Eiffel Tower that can easily be exported – but the plan soon goes awry, with hilarious results. Ealing comedy, starring Alec Guinness, Stanley Holloway, Sid James and Audrey Hepburn

Look at Life

An exciting look into the thrills of gliding

The Onedin Line


The Frazers’ marriage comes under strain

Personal Services

Comedy, starring Julie Walters
1987 – Comedy

Movie: Personal Services -

A working-class single mother struggling to make ends meet opens her own brothel with the aid of an experienced prostitute and a transvestite RAF officer. With a clientele of elderly businessmen, business is soon booming – until the police come calling. Comedy based on the experiences of real-life madam Cynthia Payne, starring Julie Walters and Alex McCowen

Blame It on the Bellboy

Comedy, starring Dudley Moore
1992 – Comedy

Movie: Blame It on the Bellboy - 1987

An estate agent, a hitman and a philandering politician, who all have similar names, check into a Venice hotel. A bellboy’s shaky grasp of English results in the assassin’s target, the estate agent’s client and the politician’s blind date getting mixed up. Comedy, starring Dudley Moore, Bryan Brown, Richard Griffiths, Bronson Pinchot, Patsy Kensit and Penelope Wilton

The Heritage Chart Show with Mike Read

Mike Read presents a top 40 heritage chart

Age of Innocence

Second World War drama, starring David Warner
1977 – Drama


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