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Today Sunday 26 February 2023

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A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

Birds of a Feather


Sharon and Tracey seek their real father

The death of Sharon and Tracey’s Aunt Sylvie soon has them jetting off to Hollywood in search of their real father. Festive special of the comedy from 1993, starring Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson, with guest appearances by George Hamilton, George Wendt and Richard Branson

The Bill


New DS Samantha Nixon makes her presence felt

Ambitious new DS Samantha Nixon arrives at Sun Hill and soon impresses everyone with her profiling skills. Danny Glaze casts a shadow over Des Taviner’s future by making it clear that he won’t lie under oath, while Reg Hollis co-operates with the kidnapping inquiry but seems oddly vague on some points. Lisa Maxwell and Paul Usher star

The Bill


Ashton responds to Young’s romantic overtures

Love-struck Gilmore is desperate to speak to Ashton but the object of his affections is more taken with Young’s romantic overtures. Hunter sets up an undercover operation at a nightclub run by notorious drugs baron Mick Mortimer and Nixon gets an unexpected promotion, while Meadows and Webb continue their efforts to dig the dirt on Chandler. Guest starring Roger Lloyd Pack

The Bill


Klein faces a dilemma

Mysterious nocturnal goings-on disturb the peace at a Sun Hill almshouse and Klein faces a dilemma when he’s offered some cocaine while working undercover at Mortimer’s club. Meadows and Webb have little success in their attempts to probe Chandler’s past and Gilmore is furious to realise Ashton and Young have spent the night together

The Bill


Hunter plans a drugs raid

Carver urges Ackland to move in with him, stepping up the pressure as they investigate the case at the almshouses, where a resident is now critically ill. Hunter obtains incriminating video footage of Nick Klein, while Meadows and Webb talk to Anne Merrick about Superintendent Tom Chandler’s past – but aren’t prepared for what she tells them. Rene Zagger and Scott Maslen star

Call the Midwife


A mother-of-eight is distraught to learn she is pregnant again

The locals excitedly prepare for the summer fete, featuring a baby show for which Trixie volunteers to secure a celebrity judge. Not everyone is in the mood for a party, however, as Jenny finds when she meets Nora Harding, a mother-of-eight distraught that she will soon have another mouth to feed. The midwife does her best to reassure the desperate mum, but her words fall on deaf ears and Nora ends up taking matters into her own hands. Jessica Raine and Helen George star, with a guest appearance by Sharon Small (Mistresses)

Call the Midwife


Jenny tries to reconcile a dying man with his only remaining daughter

With the advent of a mass X-ray programme to diagnose tuberculosis early, Dr Turner is determined that Poplar will no longer live under the threat of the disease. Meanwhile, Jenny’s district nursing rounds lead her to the Mastersons, who suffered devastating misfortune from TB, and she works to reconcile the dying father with his only remaining daughter, Julia. Having succeeded in securing a visit from a screening van, Dr Turner and the midwives endure a busy day, but little can prepare them for what the results will mean for one of their own. Guest starring Karl Johnson (Lark Rise to Candleford)

Catherine Cookson’s The Dwelling Place

Feature-length drama, starring James Fox

Feature-length adaptation of the best-selling novel, telling the tale of a 16-year-old struggling to keep her five brothers and sisters out of the workhouse with the help of a kindly carpenter. Starring James Fox, Tracy Whitwell and Edward Rawle-Hicks

Miss Marple


Feature-length mystery, starring Joan Hickson

The sleuth receives a cryptic letter from a recently deceased acquaintance asking her to conduct a mysterious investigation. Instructed only to go on a coach tour of historic homes around England, she uncovers murder and intrigue. Feature-length mystery, starring Joan Hickson, with Peter Tilbury, John Horsley and Helen Cherry

Inspector Alleyn Mysteries


The detective enlists the help of an old friend

The detective investigates a blackmailer at large on the London debutante scene by planting old friend Lord Robert Gospell as a mole. However, the pair fail to prevent a murder. Feature-length drama, starring Patrick Malahide and Harold Innocent



Alex receives an offer from someone claiming to be an old friend

Alex receives an offer from someone claiming to be an old friend, but has no idea who is behind it. Semiyon seeks backing for his business venture from both American business interests and the Israeli government – while Lyudmilla uncovers the darkest secrets his potential investors are hiding. Benes’ operation grows in power, sending a concerned Vadim to Prague in search of answers



The DCI is confounded by a series of seemingly indiscriminate killings

When a series of monstrous and seemingly indiscriminate killings become ever more audacious and public, DCI John Luther and new recruit DS Catherine Halliday are confounded by a complex tangle of leads and misdirection that seems designed to protect an untouchable corruption. But, even as the case brings him closer than ever to the true face of evil, a reluctant Luther is forced to confront the unburied demons of his own recent past. Idris Elba stars, with Wunmi Mosaku and Patrick Malahide

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


Feature-length episode. A woman is murdered in rural Suffolk

Feature-length episode. Havers returns to work and is forced to confront demons from her past as the team investigates the case of a woman murdered with a shotgun. A cryptic word painted at the crime scene and the discovery of a mysterious photo lead the police to think the killer is sending them clues, and further investigations uncover a secret the local community has been trying to hide



Seeking a new career, Leonardo ventures to the city of Milan


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