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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Two recent patients return to the surgery

Two recent patients return to the surgery to seek more urgent help from the doctors. Mother-of-two Lisa comes back to see Dr Claire Taylor since she is still experiencing chronic back pain after emergency back surgery. The doctor must act decisively to avoid the risk of paralysis if her patient is not treated correctly. Meanwhile, Aaron returns to the surgery in a distressed state, having previously visited the doctors after cyber bullying caused him to become depressed and suicidal. Dr Eleanor Beecraft must try to calm him down

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A man is unwilling to break Ramadan fast to take tablets

The doctors at Balham Park Surgery treat a man who needs regular medication for epilepsy, but is unwilling to break Ramadan fast to take tablets. Plus, a diabetic patient needs to reduce his sugar intake, but cannot lay off the chocolate, while a man with chronic airways disease flatly refuses to quit smoking

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


The victim of a road traffic accident arrives in the surgery

Doctors at Balham Park Surgery are faced with a series of surprises, including the victim of a road traffic accident who staggers into the surgery intent on getting a doctor’s letter for his solicitor. Meanwhile, Dr Heather Watson treats a man who has been bitten by a mysterious insect while camping, before finding out that her patient is experiencing agonising pain from his bowel movements. Plus, a routine ear examination takes an unexpected turn when Dr Chris Pearce’s young patient reveals she has noticed blood in her stools

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Life in the Namibian desert

Ben Fogle meets people who have moved to inhospitable parts of the world after leaving the rat race behind. Here he travels to the Namibian desert to spend time with 50-year-old Gideon David, who quit his career in life insurance to live in the largest conservation area in Africa. Ben embraces the harsh and relentless work of farm life in temperatures pushing 40C, tending more than 150 animals, repairing baboon damage to water pipes and learning how to castrate sheep with his teeth

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Ben journeys to the wilderness of Alaska to spend time with Mike and Fran Turner

Ben journeys to the wilderness of Alaska to spend time with Mike and Fran Turner and their children Cathy and Nate, who welcome him into their simple, self-built log cabin. He discovers how the couple have created a self-sufficient lifestyle by working the land and trapping animals, while battling against forest fires in the summer and freezing conditions in the winter. Ben takes every opportunity to get stuck into forest survival, as he battles mosquitoes, adapts to 24-hour daylight, chops trees and learns about trapping

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Ben meets 72-year-old twin brothers who live in the canyons of Utah

Ben travels to the canyons of Utah to meet 72-year-old twins Bill and Bob Stone, who fled their adrenaline-junkie pasts for a tough subsistence lifestyle as they also deal with the challenges associated with growing old. He joins the brothers as they go cattle-wrangling, rock climbing and skydiving, while Ben also discovers more about them and why they decided to cut themselves off from civilisation. Once parachute instructors, police informants and bounty hunters, they are now organic farmers who are preparing for doomsday

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


A British woman who gave up her old life to train huskies in northern Sweden

Ben meets a 40-year-old British woman who gave up her old life as a communications manager to train huskies inside the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden. He joins Gaynor Leeper and her new husband Milos in their hand-built cabin, which has neither electricity nor running water, and also meets the couple’s 40 Alaskan huskies. The trio then embark on a tough trek driving dogs through the icy wilderness, with Ben learning how to sled and to manage both himself and the animals in temperatures as low as -30C

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


A former financier who lives on a remote island in Laos

Ben Fogle travels to Southeast Asia to meet 31-year-old Jon Watkinson, who quit a career in finance for life in a handmade bamboo hut on a remote island on the Mekong River in Laos. Ben digs trenches, attempts an extreme form of fishing and helps his host to lift and move an entire house. He also discovers how the locals have taken Jon to their hearts

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


A 61-year-old woman lives alone in an isolated camp in the Australian Bush

Ben heads to Australia to meet 61-year-old Barbara Walker, a widow who has lived alone in an isolated Bush camp for eight years. He discovers how this former photographer from Switzerland came to settle in one of the world’s most challenging environments, fighting to keep her husband’s legacy alive by caring for the native flora and fauna. Ben joins her as she tries to control the spread of an invasive species of cane-toad that is destroying other wildlife, as well as managing 63 wild horses and hand-rearing rescued animals

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Ben ventures into the Appalachian mountains in eastern America

Ben ventures deep into the Appalachian mountains in eastern America to spend time with 25-year-old Justin Burke – the youngest `wild” man he has visited to date – who rejected the trappings of a privileged upbringing to live in the wilderness. He discovers how Justin’s life in the wild began with a gruelling 2,000-mile trek across the range that is now his home, where he has no electricity or running water and all the meals are roadkill. Ben learns blacksmith and tanning skills from his host, and shoots with old firearms

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


A man living a nomadic life in French Polynesia

Ben heads to French Polynesia in the South Pacific to spend time with British expat Rick and his girlfriend Jasna, who live a nomadic life on their yacht, sailing around the waters of the archipelago they have made their home. Ben builds hammocks, rigs sails, spears fish for dinner, freedives to drop anchor, experiences rough seas and learns how the couple use the islands to support their transient lifestyle, washing clothes in rivers and shopping for essentials by kayak

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


A family who moved to Rum in the Inner Hebrides

Ben joins Nic and Ady Goddard, who uprooted themselves and their two teenage children from a comfortable life in Worthing, West Sussex, to take up crofting on the island of Rum in the Inner Hebrides. Joining them in their caravan, Ben learns how they survive such a challenging lifestyle and helps them tend their animals, farm their vegetable patch and dig the foundations for what they hope will be their future home – a new cobb house

Only Fools and Horses: Secrets & Scandals

Behind-the-scenes stories of how the show was made

Behind-the-scenes stories of how Only Fools and Horses was made, and how the cast could have looked very different. The secrets behind the hilarious visual gags are revealed, and there’s a look at the lost episodes of the show. Featuring interviews with Sue Holderness, who played Marlene, comedy actor and fan John Thomson, alongside cast and crew who made the series

Britain’s Favourite 70s Hits

A look at some of the biggest pop bands of the seventies

A look back at some of the biggest pop bands of the seventies, kicking off in 1970 with the Osmonds and The Jackson 5. With performances by the Carpenters, Sister Sledge, the Nolans, Fleetwood Mac, Kool & the Gang, Ike & Tina Turner, Paul McCartney and Wings, Sparks and the B-52’s

World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys


The Train des Pignes explores France

The Train des Pignes explores France. Leaving chic 21st century Nice behind, the Train des Pignes, or the ‘Pine Cone Train’, takes viewers back to the Provence of the past. Cameras explore the village of Villars-sur-Var, where olive oil is made using the same stone-wheel technique the Templar Knights used 1,000 years ago. Narrated by Bill Nighy

World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys


The Al Andalus train takes in some of the most beautiful cities in Spain

Looping around Andalucia, the luxury Al Andalus train takes in some of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Travelling south from Seville, cameras focus on Jerez, where the horses of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art are trained. There is also a look at the clifftop town of Ronda, before rolling on to the ancient cities of Granada and Córdoba. Narrated by Bill Nighy

World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys


An Australian trip from Brisbane to Cairns

Celebrating the wonders of Queensland, Australia, cameras travel over 1,000 miles from Brisbane to Cairns onboard one of the most advanced trains in the world. There’s a look at a rum distillery in Bundaberg and trip on the historic Mary Valley line. Narrated by Bill Nighy

Walking Wartime Britain

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