EMERGENCY WARD 10 (ATV 1957-1967)

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This is our Generic Classic TV Image
This is our Generic Classic TV Image

UK / ITV – ATV / 966x30m-e 50x60m-e  / 1957-67 black and white

Creator: Tessa Diamond / Producers: Anthony Kearey, John Cooper , Josephine Douglas

Medical drama series.Shown twice weekly. Stories of the staff and patients of a Midlands General Hospital. The first big popular medical series.

Important characters included:-

ROSEMARY MILLER as Nurse Pat Roberts / JILL BROWNE as Nurse Carole Young / ELIZABETH KENTISH as Sister Crowley / IRIS RUSSELL as Nurse Stevenson / RICHARD THORP as Dr John Rennie / JOHN ALDERTON as Dr Richard Moone / PAUL DARROW as Mr Verity / CHARLES TINGWELL as Dr Alan Dawson / GLYN OWEN as Dr Patrick O’Meara / DANDY NICHOLS as Mrs Hill / FREDERICK BARTMAN as Simon Forrester / WILLIAM WILDE as Dr Brooke / NOEL COLEMAN as Dr Richmond / DESMOND CARRINGTON as Chris Anderson


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