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Second World War drama, with Marlon Brando and Yul Brynner
1965 – Action, Drama, Thriller, War

Movie cast

A German army deserter is recruited by British intelligence for an undercover mission. He must impersonate an SS officer and board a cargo ship travelling from Japan to Germany, so he can help the British Navy capture the vessel and its cargo. However, the captain of the ship is suspicious of his passenger. Second World War drama, with Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner and Trevor Howard

One Step Beyond


A woman has visions of her husband in terrible danger

Honey West


The private eye is hired to protect a gated community from burglars

Derek Fowlds: A Part Well Played

The actor looks back on his 60-year career

Holy Matrimony

Comedy, starring Gracie Fields
1943 – Comedy, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Holy Matrimony -

A painter tries to shun publicity by assuming the identity of his dead butler and marrying a lonely widow – a situation which inevitably leads to complications. Comedy, starring Gracie Fields and Monty Woolley

Black Saddle


Clay helps Marshal Scott to capture three escaped convicts

Murder in Soho

Drama, starring Jack La Rue
1939 – Crime, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Murder in Soho -

A London nightclub hostess pretends to fall for the mobster who killed her husband. Drama, starring Jack La Rue, Sandra Storme and Bernard Lee

A Doll’s House

Drama, starring Claire Bloom
1973 – Drama

Movie cast

Movie: A Doll

A woman commits forgery in the early days of her marriage for the benefit of her unwitting husband. Years later, she finds herself the target of blackmail by someone aware of the secret, and is gripped by the fear that if the truth comes out it will destroy her husband’s career. Drama, based on Henrik Ibsen’s play, starring Claire Bloom, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Richardson and Denholm Elliott

The March Hare

Racing comedy, starring Peggy Cummins
1956 – Comedy

Movie cast

A penniless Irish baronet is forced to sell his land, but gets mistaken for the estate’s groom and stays on to help train a colt for a prestigious race. Comedy, starring Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan and Cyril Cusack

Look at Life

The problems caused by a rise in the number of cars on the roads

Crown Court


Part two of three. A police officer takes the stand


Drama, starring Trevor Howard
1957 – Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Stowaway -

The Queen of Spades

Horror drama, starring Anton Walbrook
1949 – Drama, Fantasy

Movie cast

Movie: The Queen of Spades - 1957

A poor captain hears of a countess who has sold her soul to win at cards, so he becomes keen to find her and join her at the gaming tables. Horror drama, starring Anton Walbrook, Edith Evans and Ronald Howard

The Switch

Crime drama, starring Anthony Steel
1963 – Crime

Movie cast

The Saint


Simon pursues a con man who abandoned his girlfriend and their baby



A doctor is accused of hastening the death of a patient


Thriller, starring William Hurt
1981 – Thriller, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Eyewitness -

A janitor is obsessed with a TV reporter, and when she covers a murder in the office where he works, he pretends to have witnessed the crime to get her attention. However, his ruse also catches the eye of the killer, who is convinced the caretaker really did see the crime and must be killed before he can talk. Thriller, starring William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Christopher Plummer and James Woods


Thriller, starring Gena Rowlands
1980 – Crime, Drama, Thriller

Movie cast

Movie: Gloria - 1981

Gangsters kill their accountant and his family after he is caught feeding information to the FBI, but his six-year-old son manages to escape. It becomes the job of a tough-talking former showgirl to protect him from the hitmen determined to complete the bloody task they so ruthlessly started. John Cassavetes’ thriller, starring Gena Rowlands, John Adames, Buck Henry and Julie Carmen

How I Won the War

Second World War comedy, starring Michael Crawford
1967 – Comedy, War

Movie cast

Movie: How I Won the War - 1980

An inept army commander leading one of the British army’s worst units ill-advisedly tries to set up a cricket pitch behind enemy lines – with disastrous results. Second World War comedy, starring Michael Crawford, John Lennon, Roy Kinnear and Lee Montague

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