BBC Two Today Saturday 25 February 2023

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What’s On BBC Two Today Saturday 25 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on BBC Two today.

Hey Duggee


The squirrels learn how to achieve their ambitions

Hey Duggee


The squirrels see a rainbow and want to make their own



The Veggies are shocked when they meet a turnip at the deli

Shaun the Sheep


Shaun and Bitzer play cricket

Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!


Dennis and Walter are paired up against their wills

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese


Boy and Girl become rival magicians

The Football Academy


Jamie gets a chance to bond with his team at an overnight camp

The Dengineers


A space for a massive fan of rollercoasters

here he can celebrate his passion, create new coasters, and share his love of rides with his friends.

Operation Ouch!


The doctors reveal that the liver is an enormous energy storage system


Current affairs reports

Blue Peter

With author and illustrator Dapa Adeola

Deadly Pole to Pole


Steve and the crew visit the South Georgia islands

Steve and the crew visit the South Georgia islands, where they see some enormous battling elephant seals and a bizarre underwater crustacean. The presenter also walks among one of the largest colonies of king penguins in the world – and gets a rare chance to swim with them

Serengeti III


Nalla the elephant finds a smart solution to quench everyone’s thirst

Baby hippo Mafuta is in crisis. His pod has been taken over by a marauding male and his mother must take him far away from the river. Kali the lioness tries to dig the warthogs out of the den, but there’s an unexpected twist when the rest of the pride gets involved. As the land dries, the lake becomes a place of refuge for the thirsty herds – but as things go from bad to worse, Bakari leads the baboons in search of better foraging, while Nalla and the elephants set off in search of water

Sort Your Life Out with Stacey Solomon


Stacey coaches the Smith family through a mammoth declutter

Stacey coaches the Smith family through a mammoth declutter as their possessions are laid out in a warehouse as though it were an art installation they discover 207 loose nappies, 145 Punjabi suits and 24 old toothbrushes amongst other things. Things get emotional as Raaj lets go of some of her late sister’s belongings whom she lost to Covid two years ago. Carpenter Rob works hard to make their three bedroom hose fit six people and Dilly creates a brand-new larder while reorganising the kitchen

Rick Stein’s Cornwall


Rick visits Europe’s largest tea plantation

Rick visits Europe’s largest tea plantation, on the banks of the River Fal, bakes a simple yet sumptuous fruited tea loaf and travels to Penzande, where he enjoys an invigorating dip in the UK’s largest outdoor seawater lido. He also finds out how Cornwall inspired Charles Dickens and how the county found its way into A Christmas Carol

The Band Wagon

Musical comedy, starring Fred Astaire and Jack Buchanan
1953 – Comedy, Music, Romance

Movie: The Band Wagon -

A has-been Hollywood dancer and a pretentious producer form an uneasy alliance to stage a song-and-dance spectacular. However, the latter’s bizarre ideas soon spiral out of control, while the former loathes the ballerina cast opposite him. Musical comedy, starring Fred Astaire, Jack Buchanan and Cyd Charisse. Songs include That’s Entertainment and Dancing in the Dark

Marvellous Musicals: Talking Pictures

A celebration of cinema’s finest musicals

Celia Imrie narrates a celebration of cinema’s finest musicals, featuring archive BBC interviews with some of the genre’s biggest stars and directors from Hollywood’s golden age of star like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire to the modern-day triumphs of La La Land and The Greatest Showman. The programme also explores the connection between box office and music charts, and looks at how stars like the Beatles, Elton John and Abba saw their songs cross over to record-breaking sensations of the silver screen

A Hard Day’s Night

Musical comedy, starring the Beatles
1964 – Music, Comedy

Movie: A Hard Day

The Beatles, harassed by their manager and Paul’s grandfather, embark on a train journey to London for a TV show, but find themselves dogged by all manner of problems, including the inevitable overexcited fans. Musical comedy, starring the Fab Four alongside Wilfrid Brambell, Victor Spinetti and Anna Quayle. Songs include Can’t Buy Me Love, Don’t Bother Me and the title track

Final Score

A round-up of this afternoon’s football results

Flog It!

From Haddon Hall in Derbyshire

Paul Martin is joined by experts Michael Baggott and Caroline Hawley on a visit to Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, where the team picks out a selection of interesting antiques and collectibles to be sold at a local auction. Michael finds an impressive scent bottle, and Caroline gets a glimpse into the past by looking through a stereoscopic viewer. Paul also looks around the property, and meets the current owner, Lord Edward Manners

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip


With broadcasters Mark Radcliffe and Edith Bowman

Broadcasters Mark Radcliffe and Edith Bowman put down their mics and battle it out to pick up some profit-making collectables and curios. Antiques experts Paul Martin and Natasha Raskin Sharp are along for the ride as they roar around the roads of the Midlands in an iconic DeLorean and a classy-looking Rover



Professor Brian Cox examines the hunt for extra-terrestrials

Professor Brian Cox examines the hunt for extra-terrestrials, which has become a matter of serious scientific inquiry over the last few decades. Vivid animation based on data from the most successful planet hunter of them all, the Kepler space telescope, brings new worlds into view – puffy planets with the density of polystyrene, unstable worlds orbiting two suns and thousand-degree, broiling gas giants with skies whipped into titanic winds

P!nk Live in the Piano Room

The singer performs with the BBC Concert Orchestra

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Documentary about the singer

Documentary about of one of the most versatile female singers of the 20th century, and one of the most successful recording artists of all time, but who had to retire in 2011 due to Parkinson’s disease. The film tells Linda’s story through her own words and music, as well as interviews with fellow musicians Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Aaron Neville

The Old Grey Whistle Test

A 1976 performance by Linda Ronstadt

Bob Harris introduces a performance by Linda Ronstadt from the New Victoria Theatre, London. Songs include Lose Again, That’ll Be the Day, Love Has No Pride, Silver Threads & Golden Needles, Willin’, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, When Will I Be Loved, Crazy, The Tattler, Lo siento mi vida, Love Is a Rose, Hasten Down the Wind and The Tracks of My Tears. First aired in November 1976

Sisters in Country: Dolly, Linda and Emmylou

The careers of Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris

How Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris’s careers took off in the 1970s with very distinct takes on country music, before they came together to collaborate on a successful album in 1987. The artists talk about uniting as harmony singers, focusing on how their alliance made them pioneers in bringing different music worlds together and raising the game for women in the country tradition. Narrated by KT Tunstall

Emmylou Harris’s 10 Commandments of Country


A performance by the American musician

A performance from Los Angeles by the American musician, highlighting the rules she believes make a great country song. Each track illustrates one of her 10 commandments, with a short introduction to explain why it was chosen and what element of the genre it best represents

The Old Grey Whistle Test Special: Emmylou Harris

A performance by the country star from 1977

A one-off concert by country star Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band recorded for the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1977, including performances of Luxury Liner and Tulsa Queen

What We Do in the Shadows


Pilot episode of the spoof documentary, starring Matt Berry

Pilot episode of the spin-off from the movie in which a documentary crew follow the lives of three vampire housemates in New York. Ottoman warlord Nandor, British dandy Laszlo, seductive Nadja, tedious “energy vampire” Colin, and human servant Guillermo receive a visit from their dark lord, who demands to know why they have yet to conquer the United States. Starring Matt Berry, Kayvan Novak and Natasia Demetriou, and written and directed by the original movie’s stars Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement

What We Do in the Shadows


The vampires get involved in local politics

What We Do in the Shadows


The fragile truce between vampires and werewolves is tested

The fragile truce between the vampires and Staten Island’s werewolves is put to the test, and only a trial by combat can resolve matters. Colin Robinson finds romance with a new co-worker, who can match him for her ability to spread misery. Arj Barker (Flight of the Conchords) guest stars as the leader of the gang’s lycanthropic rivals

What We Do in the Shadows


The housemates try to make a deal with a powerful vampire king

The housemates venture into Manhattan to try and form an alliance with a powerful old friend, who has risen to become the king of the city’s vampires. Laszlo dons his most sinister hat for the occasion, despite Nadja’s protests that it is cursed, while Guillermo is left feeling unappreciated by his master

What We Do in the Shadows


Laszlo is captured by animal control officers while in bat form

While Laszlo is transformed into a bat, he is mistaken for a real one by animal control officers, and needs his housemates to come to the rescue. Nadja gives in to temptation and seeks to be reunited with the reincarnation of her former lover


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