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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


The doctors treat patients suffering from chronic pain

The doctors treat patients suffering from chronic pain, including a man who is HIV positive and also suffers from a range of other health issues. A woman struggling to sit due to excruciating boils around her groin visits the surgery, and a man with a history of cellulitis complains about shooting pains in his legs

The Yorkshire Vet


A sheep is rushed in after seriously injuring herself on a piece of metal

A sheep is rushed into the practice to see Peter, after seriously injuring herself on a piece of metal. Peter thinks he can deal with the wound, but the bigger problem is that the ewe is pregnant with twins, and the lambs’ lives are in danger. Tilly the tortoise is the star of the Cannon Hall Farm reptile house. But she’s not been herself lately, and Matt’s worried she might need extremely rare and complicated surgery to remove three eggs that she hasn’t been able to pass

The Yorkshire Vet


Peter is called out to a cow with a life-threatening stomach problem

Peter is called out to an emergency when a cow has a life-threatening stomach problem, and Julian welcome an expectant dog to the new Wetherby practice. In Huddersfield, Matt treats an exotic animal in the form of water dragon Bandit, who needs his tail amputating

The Highland Vet


A Belgian shepherd suffers a serious leg injury after jumping in a river

Practice director Guy faces one of his most challenging procedures as owner Andrew brings in a four-year-old Belgian shepherd which has an injured leg after jumping in a river. Plus, a peahen has an eye injury, and a boisterous pony keeps biting people

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Dr Elizabeth Barnard sees a diabetic with a blister between her toes

Dr Elizabeth Barnard sees Catherine, a diabetic who has developed a large, painful blister between two of her toes, which is a cause of concern in sufferers with her condition. Dr Farida Ahmad offers support to Lorraine, who is concerned about a huge, unsightly scar on her leg, while Geoffrey is in to see Dr Alison Bolam with an egg-sized swelling on his elbow

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A polio sufferer comes in with a severely swollen ankle

Polio sufferer Paul comes in with a severely swollen ankle and Christine, who recently had a stroke, is still suffering from a headache, vision problems and impaired hearing. Jackie is suffering from pains in her stomach and worries that they may signify a problem with her heart – but Dr Liz Lee suspects another cause for her problems

The Yorkshire Vet


A pregnant ewe is rushed to the animal hospital from Cannon Hall Farm

A pregnant ewe is rushed to the animal hospital from Cannon Hall Farm, while for young vet Rohin, there’s a day gaining vital experience on the farm. With Matt’s guidance, he has to remove the very large horns from some cows, and soon learns that traditional vet work is tiring. Meanwhile, Julian rushes a cat into emergency surgery before heading to Jacki’s farm for some well-earned relaxation, with some alpaca yoga

The Yorkshire Vet


A farmer rushes in a struggling pregnant sheep who belongs to his two-year-old son

A farmer rushes in a struggling pregnant sheep who belongs to his two-year-old son, and Julian and Anne head to Jacki’s alpaca farm to deal with Ebony’s worrying lump on her lip. Springer Spaniel Poppy has an aggressive cancer, so Shona and Martin are facing complex surgery to remove the tumour from inside her rib cage

The Highland Vet


Practice director Guy faces one of his most challenging ever procedures

Britain’s Lost Battlefields with Rob Bell


The story behind the Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings of October 1066 ended Anglo-Saxon rule in England and resulted in the transformation of our language and culture. The events of the battle were immortalised in the Bayeux Tapestry, which appears to show King Harold dying with an arrow through his eye. However, Rob learns that the story may not be as simple as that

World War II in Colour


The strategic firebombing of German cities

A look at how Nazi U-boats’ efforts to sever transatlantic supply lines and the Allied firebombing of German cities affected the course of the conflict as efforts were made to develop new weapons and strategies to bring a rapid end to hostilities. The British and American focus on destroying the enemy’s infrastructure resulted in a high number of civilian deaths, while the Germans’ plan to throttle their most stubborn enemy by attempting to be victorious at sea ultimately failed thanks to technological advancements in the UK

World War II in Colour


Hitler’s final attempts to shift the balance of power in his favour

By late summer 1944, the Allied forces in Europe were thrusting toward the German border, but supply problems brought the advance to a halt, while Soviet leader Josef Stalin had halted his main push to Berlin while he laid the basis for a Communist empire. Hitler decided to stake his last reserves on a major counter-offensive in the Ardennes region of Belgium, leading to what became known as the Battle of the Bulge. Meanwhile, Soviet troops discovered the first death camps and evidence emerged of the Nazi programme to exterminate the Jewish people

Inferno at Sea: The Deepwater Disaster

The events surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010

The events surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling platform killed 11 people and injured 17. The rig burned for two days and sank, triggering the largest ocean oil spill in history and the largest environmental disaster in US history. This documentary hears eyewitness accounts of those on the rig, rescue teams and locals who lived through the impact of the disaster along the coastlines of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama

Ancient Mysteries: The Pharaoh in the Suburb


The discovery of an ancient statue in a suburb of Cairo

The story of how fragments of a 36-foot ancient statue depicting the pharaoh Psamtik where discovered in a working class suburb of Cairo. Psamtik’s 54-year reign from 664BC had been previously dismissed as a period of decline for Egypt, but the high quality of this statue has led to a reassessment of his rule. The programme reveals how he defended his country from two invasions and may have had a cultural influence on the ancient Greeks

Forged in Fire


Participants embark on a team challenge

Forged in Fire


The bladesmiths craft the decorated and deadly Schiavona sword

Kew Gardens: A New Year in Bloom


Carlos and Lucy think they have discovered a new species of giant waterlily

Carlos and Lucy think they have discovered a new third species of giant waterlily previously unknown to science, and they set about trying to prove their discovery to the world, with the help of their partners in Bolivia. Aaron is looking at ways to replace coffee plants threatened with extinction by climate change, pests and disease, while down at Kew’s wild botanic garden Wakehurst, Katie and the tree gang have to deal with some invasive rhododendrons that are threatening the plant collection

Cruising with Susan Calman


Part one of two. Susan sets sail from the bustling city of Barcelona

Susan sets sail from the bustling city of Barcelona, boarding Harmony of the Seas, one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. It will be an action-packed cruise in the western Mediterranean. Before the ship departs, there’s time for a quick tour of Barcelona and Susan’s arrival coincides with the annual La Mercè Festival

Forged in Fire


Two smiths face-off to forge an intricate weapon

Four smiths must rely on their mathematical skills to determine the amount the steel needed to make their signatures blades. After a couple of calculating rounds, two smiths return home to build the intricate M1905 Springfield Bayonet

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