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What’s On Talking Pictures TV
Today Friday 24 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

No Lady

Comedy, starring Lupino Lane
1931 – Comedy

London Entertains

Documentary about the Festival of Britain
1951 –

Charlie Chan at the Circus

Mystery, starring Warner Oland
1936 – Crime, Mystery, Comedy, Thriller

The sleuth takes a break from fighting crime to treat his 12 children to a trip to the circus, but it’s not long before he becomes embroiled in yet another murder most foul. Mystery, starring Warner Oland, Keye Luke, J Carrol Naish and Francis Ford

The Broken Horseshoe

Crime thriller, starring Robert Beatty
1953 –

A doctor operates on a man who is injured in a hit and run incident, but when the patient is later murdered, he finds himself the prime suspect. A mysterious woman with a connection to the real killers decides to help him clear his name and expose the culprits’ drug ring. Crime thriller, starring Robert Beatty and Elizabeth Sellars

The Monkey’s Paw

Horror, starring Megs Jenkins
1948 – Thriller

Movie: The Monkey


Drama, starring Trevor Howard
1957 – Drama

Movie: Stowaway - 1948

Crown Court

Stars Mark McManus, Bernard Brown and Diane Keen

Witness In The Dark

Thriller, starring Patricia Dainton
1959 – Thriller

Convict Stage

Western, starring Harry Lauter
1965 – Western

Movie: Convict Stage - 1959

Assassin for Hire

Drama, starring Sydney Tafler
1951 – Crime, Mystery

An assassin who kills to finance his violinist brother’s career is tricked into confessing his crimes by a wily police inspector. Drama, starring Sydney Tafler, Ronald Howard, Katherine Blake and John Hewer

The Embezzler

Crime drama, starring Charles Victor
1954 –

Look at Life

A visit to the Lord Mayor’s Show in London

Dial 999


Maguire investigates when a man is suspected of murdering his wife

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Caroline looks ahead to 1967 British horror film Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus

Drama, starring Richard Burton
1968 – Mystery, Drama, Horror

Movie: Doctor Faustus -

An ageing scholar sells his soul in exchange for knowledge, power and the woman of his dreams. Drama based on the play by Christopher Marlowe, directed by and starring Richard Burton, with Elizabeth Taylor and Andreus Teuber

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Caroline introduces the 1976 feature Shadow of the Hawk, directed by George McCowan

Shadow of the Hawk

Horror, starring Jan-Michael Vincent
1976 – Horror, Adventure

Movie: Shadow of the Hawk -

A Native American working as a junior executive returns to his reservation to join his grandfather and a journalist on a tribal walk to ward off powerful evil spirits. Horror, starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Marilyn Hassett and Chief Dan George

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Caroline presents the 1959 science fiction horror Teenage Zombies

Teenage Zombies

A mad scientist, with the backing of “the East”, plots to zombify the USA. His schemes are jeopardised by the arrival quartet of sexy teens at his island lair. Also there’s a monkey involved

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Caroline gives a little glimpse of the horror and drama that is to come

An Innocent Man

Thriller, starring Tom Selleck
1989 – Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Movie: An Innocent Man -

A family man’s life is ruined when two detectives burst into his house and shoot him, mistaking him for a drug dealer. Realising their error, the corrupt cops cover their tracks by faking evidence, leaving him to face a lengthy prison sentence. Thriller, starring Tom Selleck, F Murray Abraham and Laila Robins


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