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Today Friday 24 February 2023

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A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

Pie in the Sky


Crabbe helps a beleaguered medium

Crabbe investigates a psychic’s claims to have received a sack of poison-pen letters, and concludes her apparent plight is all a cheap publicity stunt – until he uncovers a possible link between the hate mail and a local girl’s death. Offbeat crime drama, starring Richard Griffiths, Maggie Steed and Selina Cadell

The Bill


Hunter plans a drugs raid

Carver urges Ackland to move in with him, stepping up the pressure as they investigate the case at the almshouses, where a resident is now critically ill. Hunter obtains incriminating video footage of Nick Klein, while Meadows and Webb talk to Anne Merrick about Superintendent Tom Chandler’s past – but aren’t prepared for what she tells them. Rene Zagger and Scott Maslen star

Classic Holby City


The second of a two-part crossover episode. The hospital’s power shuts down

The second of a two-part crossover episode. After a computer virus shuts down the hospital’s power, Jac and Connie fight to save the lives of close friends. As the hospital is evacuated, Ric mounts a desperate rescue for a trapped Essie. Meanwhile, Ange and Serena clash over Holly’s care and continued life support



Jac Naylor arrives in the ED and sets an ultimatum

Jac Naylor arrives in the ED and sets an ultimatum. CEO Serena Campbell wants the Rage in Resus blog to be shut down by the end of the day or its author – and Ethan – will be fired. A pressurised Ethan confronts Alicia and asks if she is responsible for the blog, but she denies everything. Elsewhere, an overweight girl helps her bullying sister with her gymnastic training, and a 12-year-old is brought into the ED after spending the night in an underpass

The Bill


Klein jeopardises the undercover operation

Hunter refuses to back off as the undercover operation spirals out of control and Klein reveals confidential information while under the influence of cocaine. McAllister returns to work, and hopes to keep her pregnancy a secret, but a female colleague is already working out who the father might be. Meanwhile, Sam reckons she has found the serial killer, and Mickey Webb inadvertently drives another nail in Chandler’s coffin

Classic EastEnders


Lisa leaves a letter for Phil with a far from reliable messenger

Classic EastEnders


Little Mo is left reeling by an unwanted reminder of her past

Howards’ Way


Abby returns

Pie in the Sky


Crabbe loses his sense of smell

Crabbe loses his sense of smell – and begins to have doubts about his future in the police. Meanwhile, Fisher is preoccupied by the prospect of a royal visit. Starring Richard Griffiths and Malcolm Sinclair

Peak Practice


A dead baby is discovered on the moors

The village is shocked when a dead baby is discovered on the moors and a homeless teenage girl is suspected of being the mother. The police launch an appeal for information but their only clue is a silver crucifix found nearby. Medical drama, starring Amanda Burton

As Time Goes By


Judith makes plans for a country wedding

Penny and Stephen have big news which may prevent them attending Alistair and Judith’s wedding, while Lionel’s father Rocky and Mrs Bale prepare for the big event in the village. Comedy, starring Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer, Philip Bretherton and Moira Brooker

Keeping Up Appearances


Hyacinth spots a strange man in Elizabeth’s house

Last of the Summer Wine


Seymour repairs a boat

Seymour takes it upon himself to supervise repairs to a boat, and together with Clegg tries to persuade Compo to take up canoeing to improve his physique. Comedy, starring Michael Aldridge, Peter Sallis and Bill Owen

Last of the Summer Wine


Compo talks about love and ferrets

Compo accidently discards something of sentimental value, and waxes lyrical about the two subjects closest to his heart – love and ferrets. Meanwhile, Seymour demonstrates his new home security device. Long-running rural comedy, starring Bill Owen and Michael Aldridge

Father Brown


Lady Felicia’s reckless driving lands her in hospital

Father Brown


The priest investigates an apparent suicide

New Tricks


The team investigates the killing of a number of dogs

A dog is found killed in a manner that matches a series of animal slayings from 30 years earlier. The team reopens the case, but the cruelty of the crimes affects Brian’s judgement – especially when his own pet dies. Jack’s deteriorating health causes concern for his colleagues and a visit to a museum leads to an alarming discovery. Richard Briers guest stars

Clocking Off


Gary thinks he has met the woman of his dreams

Bad Girls


The girls celebrate Yvonne’s apparent escape

Extended special. Six weeks after Yvonne’s apparent escape, Fenner feels he is starting to unravel, plagued by nightmares about his hard-faced adversary and unsure whether she managed to wriggle out of his trap. Meanwhile, the girls are blissfully unaware of his evil scheming, and continue to celebrate the former top-dog’s success – and her actions even inspire another inmate to make a bid for freedom. Elsewhere, Bev’s alcohol-raddled body struggles to cope with the effects of her new favourite fix, fresh faces cause a stir in the cells and the identity of the wing governor is announced



Eric gets involved with a rock band

Eric gets involved with an Irish rock band, while Lovejoy takes to the water with Lady Jane’s friend Victoria Cavero and bravely pops the question – only to receive an unexpected response. Ian McShane, Dudley Sutton and Chris Jury star with guests Joanna Lumley and the members of Hothouse Flowers

Passport to Freedom


Zumkle redoubles his efforts to get João reassigned from Hamburg


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