BBC Two Today Friday 24 February 2023

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What’s On BBC Two Today Friday 24 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on BBC Two today.

Antiques Road Trip


Items in Wiltshire include a ceramic cat and a large pair of Victorian pants

David Harper and Catherine Southon are in south-west England, where they find items including a ceramic cat and an old clothes rail able to hang a large pair of Victorian pants. In a break from the shopping, Catherine plays dress-up as she goes to war in Weymouth, while David throws a pot in Poole

Bridge of Lies


Quiz show, hosted by Ross Kemp

Serengeti III


Baby hippo Mafuta faces new dangers

Bakari and the rest of the baboons can see no escape when the lions take over their home – until the pride fall asleep. Baby hippo Mafuta’s mother tries to keep the crocodiles from desecrating his dead father’s body – but in the ensuing chaos the youngster is swept away down the river. Crocodile Magamba defends her hatchlings and Duma the cheetah struggles to make friends

BBC News

BBC News

The latest national and international stories

Politics UK

The week’s political proceedings around the UK



Game show, hosted by Rick Edwards



Quiz show, hosted by Jeremy Vine



Quiz show, hosted by Jeremy Vine

Murder, Mystery and My Family: Case Closed?


The brutal murder of a policeman is reexamined

Sasha Wass QC and Jeremy Dein QC revisit an investigation into the 1884 murder of Co Durham police sergeant William Smith. Three men stood trial together for the crime, all desperately protesting their innocence, though only Joseph Lowson was hanged

Wonders of the Monsoon


The relationship between nature and the people who live in monsoon regions

Exploring the relationship that has developed over thousands of years between the people who live in monsoon regions and the wildlife they share them with. In the rice paddies of Assam, India, farmers battle a herd of hungry elephants over their crops, while on the Philippine island of Palawan, near Borneo, people still hunt in the forest and live in caves for part of the year. The programme also looks at the impact of organised religion, meeting members of the Bishnoi sect who believe that all life is sacred and have even been known to lay down their lives to protect trees. Colin Salmon narrates

Make Me a Dealer


Romano Barca from Portsmouth and Jan Griffin from Essex compete

Flog It!


From the Old College at Aberystwyth University

Richard Osman’s House of Games


With Ronni Ancona, Nathan Caton, Colin Murray and Sally Phillips

Ronni Ancona, Nathan Caton, Colin Murray and Sally Phillips go toe-to-toe testing their general knowledge skills in a variety of trivia-based games for the final time, prior to the week’s overall winner being declared

Rick Stein’s Cornwall


The chef visits the fishing port of Boscastle

The chef visits the fishing port of Boscastle and finds a seafood restaurant in a building which once housed rockets used to fire safety ropes out to sinking ships. A trip to Cornwall’s only dedicated organic mushroom farm inspires him to cook a stir fry with ‘lion’s mane’ mushrooms, which it is said can regrow your neurons. Rick also discovers a reason so many Germans love Cornwall

Secrets of the Jurassic Dinosaurs


A mysterious dinosaur graveyard in Wyoming

Part one of two. Liz Bonnin joins an international team of palaeontologists in the remote badlands of Wyoming as they investigate a mysterious dinosaur graveyard. Packed with over a dozen skeletons including predators such as the fearsome Allosaurus and giants like Diplodocus, as well as fossilised plants and footprints, the site is a treasure trove that is helping to change the way the Jurassic era is seen. The evidence also helps the team to answer why so many dinosaurs came here, and what killed them in such great numbers 150 million years ago

Gardeners’ World

The second of four compilation programmes, Monty Don plants tender annuals

In the second of four compilation programmes, Monty Don plants tender annuals for high summer colour, as well as sharing his tips for growing cherries and pruning blackcurrants. Plus, Arit Anderson discovers a paradise garden in Cambridge



A selection of the best moments from the T series

The Kemps: All True

Spoof documentary, starring Gary and Martin Kemp as themselves

Spoof documentary, starring Gary and Martin Kemp as themselves, following the brothers as they launch new careers in the wake of Spandau Ballet’s 40th anniversary celebrations. While Martin tries to get a sci-fi movie franchise off the ground, Gary has a new brand of vegan meat substitute to promote


With Victoria Derbyshire


Couples Therapy


Molly admits to past betrayals that have pushed Josh away

The couples continue their weekly therapy with Dr Orna Guralnik. Molly admits to past betrayals that have pushed Josh away. Orna explores Yaya’s lack of response to Cyn’s provocations. Dale traces his discomfort with conflict to his father

Couples Therapy


Molly begins to understand Josh in a new light

Ping and Will disclose the roots of their dynamic. Orna guides India to a truth about herself. Molly begins to understand Josh in a new light. A recent fight between Cyn and Yaya brings a moment of clarity

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life


The surgeons operate on two women injured in road accidents

The Addenbrooke’s trauma surgeons take two patients from resus to the operating theatre to give them life-saving treatment. The first is 55-year-old Carolyn, who has been involved in a road traffic accident. Despite a cerebral bleed, her most critical injuries are to her pelvis and her heel, which has an open fracture. Meanwhile, 75-year-old Joan has been knocked over by a van, leaving her with multiple injuries. The main question is whether her foot, which has lost a lot of skin, can be saved

Sex for Work: The True Cost of Our Tea – Panorama

Reports of women being pressured to have sex in return for work on tea plantations

PG Tips and Lipton’s are world-famous tea brands and an undercover investigation reveals that women working on plantations producing them are being pressured to have sex with their bosses in return for work. The report focuses on plantations that have been owned for years by two British companies – Unilever and James Finlay and Company – who between them have produced half the tea drunk in the UK. Reporter Tom Odula has spoken to dozens of women who say they have been sexually assaulted or harassed, while undercover footage reveals how one young woman was targeted for sex at a job interview

Marie Antoinette


To salvage the royal marriage, Antoinette’s brother Joseph intervenes

To salvage the royal marriage – and their nations’ alliance – Antoinette’s brother Joseph intervenes. Co-ruler of Austria, his bluntness is mixed with joviality, but he faces an uphill task. After seven years, Antoinette and Louis live apart and barely talk. The divorce negotiations are concluded, and Antoinette’s fate sealed, before the effect of Joseph’s efforts are felt. Drama, starring Emilia Schüle

Our Flag Means Death


Stede enlists the Revenge crew to help intimidate an incoming merchant ship

Inspired by Blackbeard’s words of wisdom, Stede enlists the Revenge crew to help him intimidate an incoming merchant ship. Izzy confronts Blackbeard about his growing attachment to Stede, while Lucius’s flesh wound spirals out of control. Pirate comedy, starring Rhys Darby, Taika Waititi and Con O’Neill


Following the lives of five Ukrainians during the war with Russia

Panorama follows the lives of five Ukrainians during the war with Russia over the last year including a paramedic on the frontline, a wedding-turned-war photographer, a TV presenter who rescues civilians under fire, a 19 year-old army volunteer and a young couple who’s home town has now been occupied by Russian forces. This personal and powerful documentary marks the first anniversary of the war

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