Talking Pictures TV Today Tuesday 24 January 2023

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Today Tuesday 24 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

Who Goes Next?

First World War drama, starring Barry K Barnes
1938 – War

Somewhere on Leave

Musical comedy, starring Frank Randle

A group of soldiers on leave are invited to stay at a wealthy friend’s stately home. But while their host is distracted by a beautiful girl, the off-duty squaddies run riot in his house. Musical comedy, starring Frank Randle and Harry Korris

Interpol Calling


A murder suspect is taking part in an endurance car race

It’s a Wonderful World

Musical comedy, starring George Cole
1956 – Comedy, Music

Heaven Can Wait

Fantasy comedy, starring Don Ameche
1943 – Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Romance

A roguish playboy dies and goes to Hell, but the Devil is not convinced he has sinned enough or has the right wicked credentials to merit entry. This prompts the old rascal to recount the story of his outrageously immoral life, from stealing his cousin’s fiancee to meddling in his son’s romance with a singer. Fantasy comedy, starring Don Ameche, Laird Cregar, Gene Tierney and Spring Byington

The Shiralee

Drama, starring Peter Finch
1957 – Drama

Movie: The Shiralee - 1943

An Australian family man discovers his wife is having an affair, so leaves, taking their daughter with him. They embark on a lengthy journey across the country, but he gradually starts to realise that his responsibilities to his child are hard to reconcile with his desire for the freedom of the open road. Drama based on D’Arcy Niland’s novel, starring Peter Finch and Dana Wilson

Heaven Knows, Mr Allison

Romantic drama, starring Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr
1957 – Adventure, Drama, War

Movie: Heaven Knows, Mr Allison - 1957

A US marine corporal stationed on a South Pacific island and a novice nun on a mission are forced into the hills when Japanese forces arrive and set up military bases during the Second World War. Before long the pair develop strong emotional ties, but in resisting their feelings for each other the relationship becomes one of deep mutual respect. Romantic drama, written and directed by John Huston, with Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr

Scotland Yard


A man’s body is pulled out of the Thames

Clash by Night

Prison escape drama, starring Peter Sallis

Escaped prisoners, forced to wait overnight in a deserted barn, recall the incidents that put them behind bars. Drama based on Rupert Croft-Brooke’s novel, starring Peter Sallis, Terence Longdon, Harry Fowler and Jennifer Jayne



A judge plots to secretly dispose of a dead body

The Day of the Triffids

Sci-fi thriller, starring Howard Keel
1962 – Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

Movie: The Day of the Triffids -

A meteor shower blinds the majority of Earth’s population and heralds the arrival of a race of dangerous carnivorous walking plants. As the monsters multiply and prey on the blind, the remaining sighted people join forces to try to put an end to the invasion. Sci-fi thriller, starring Howard Keel, Janette Scott, Nicole Maurey and Mervyn Johns

Public Eye


Frank takes on his final case

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces The Brotherhood of Satan

The Brotherhood of Satan

Horror, starring Strother Martin
1971 – Horror

Movie: The Brotherhood of Satan -

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre

The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre

Horror, starring Martin Landau
1964 – Horror, Thriller, Mystery, TV Movie

Movie: The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre -

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces One Body Too Many

One Body Too Many

Comedy mystery, starring Bela Lugosi
1944 – Comedy, Mystery, Thriller

Movie: One Body Too Many -

A shy insurance salesman is sent to an isolated mansion to try to sell a policy to the elderly owner. When he arrives, he discovers the old fellow has already popped his clogs – but the timid traveller is persuaded to stay by the plight of the dead man’s niece. Comedy mystery, starring Bela Lugosi, Jack Haley and Jean Parker

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