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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A patient is concerned her neck-down paralysis may be returning

A patient is treated by the doctors as she is concerned her neck-down paralysis may be returning, and former world champion bantamweight boxer Lee Haskins visits the surgery following a recent defeat, worried he may have suffered neurological damage. Meanwhile, a longstanding patient who underwent a heart operation years before is treated after developing a tightness in his chest

The Yorkshire Vet


Julian Norton deals with one of his noisiest patients ever in the shape of Mako the alpaca

Julian Norton deals with one of his noisiest patients ever in the shape of Mako the alpaca who requires treatment on a lump on the size half a football. Meanwhile, Matt heads to see a horse that has been suffering with a nasty choking episode, and an elderly terrier needs surgery on a serious eye problem

The Yorkshire Vet


Julian Norton treats a hedgehog with a badly injured leg

Julian Norton treats a hedgehog that has been brought into the Boroughbridge practice with a badly injured leg, and in Huddersfield, a farmer brings in a heavily pregnant ewe that is struggling to give birth. Elsewhere, Peter Wright heads back to the Teasdales’ farm, where he recently delivered a healthy calf

The Highland Vet


A farmer brings in a baby otter he has found freezing in one of his fields

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


An elderly patient struggling to breathe visits the surgery

An elderly patient struggling to breathe visits the surgery, even though she is already hooked up to a portable oxygen tank. Doctors treat a young man suffering from varicose veins so severe that they actually bleed, and a woman who suffered a second-degree tear while giving birth

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


The doctors treat patients suffering from chronic pain

The doctors treat patients suffering from chronic pain, including a man who is HIV positive and also suffers from a range of other health issues. A woman struggling to sit due to excruciating boils around her groin visits the surgery, and a man with a history of cellulitis complains about shooting pains in his legs

The Yorkshire Vet


A sheep is rushed in after seriously injuring herself on a piece of metal

A sheep is rushed into the practice to see Peter, after seriously injuring herself on a piece of metal. Peter thinks he can deal with the wound, but the bigger problem is that the ewe is pregnant with twins, and the lambs’ lives are in danger. Tilly the tortoise is the star of the Cannon Hall Farm reptile house. But she’s not been herself lately, and Matt’s worried she might need extremely rare and complicated surgery to remove three eggs that she hasn’t been able to pass

The Yorkshire Vet


Peter is called out to a cow with a life-threatening stomach problem

Peter is called out to an emergency when a cow has a life-threatening stomach problem, and Julian welcome an expectant dog to the new Wetherby practice. In Huddersfield, Matt treats an exotic animal in the form of water dragon Bandit, who needs his tail amputating

The Highland Vet


A Belgian shepherd suffers a serious leg injury after jumping in a river

Practice director Guy faces one of his most challenging procedures as owner Andrew brings in a four-year-old Belgian shepherd which has an injured leg after jumping in a river. Plus, a peahen has an eye injury, and a boisterous pony keeps biting people

Britain’s Lost Battlefields with Rob Bell


Robert the Bruce’s victory against the English at Bannockburn in 1314

Inside the Steam Train Museum at Christmas


Seasonal events at Bressingham Steam Museum

Cameras capture seasonal events at Bressingham Steam Museum. Staff member Phil struggles when driving a vintage fire engine covered in Christmas lights to the local market town’s Christmas event. Chris and the `track team” replace a long stretch of railway line in the woods. Manager Al has to take over the role of Father Christmas in the grotto and Brian cooks a roast chicken in a steam engine to help celebrate the end of the year

Walking Britain’s Roman Roads


Dan Jones travels along the Fosse Way

Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland


Part one of two. The actor journeys around the rugged Irish coast

First of two programmes in which the actor reconnects with his roots as he travels around the wild and rugged Irish coast. He Begins by visiting the Mizen bridge, suspended 45 metres above sea level, and heads to Co Cork, where old friend Darina Allen makes him lunch at Ballymaloe House. He also fulfils a lifelong ambition to make the treacherous sea crossing to Skellig Islands, where the ruins of an ancient monastic settlement are perched 600 feet above sea

Forged in Fire


Two bladesmiths are tasked with recreating the Spanish Navaja

Forged in Fire


The iconic Medieval Arming Sword

Four bladesmiths must forge not just one, but three knives from railroad spikes in only three hours. Time management is essential for hammering out three functional knives that can withstand a brutal round of testing. After two smiths’ knives go off the rails, the remaining two competitors return to recreate the iconic Medieval Arming Sword

World War II in Colour


Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941

This edition focuses on Japan’s early involvement in the war and the country’s efforts to flex its muscles around the Pacific. On December 7, 1941, the course of the Second World War changed dramatically when Japanese planes swooped in for a surprise attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, which led to America’s entry into the conflict. Subsequently Japanese forces seized the British colonies of Malaya and Burma, French Indo-China, the Dutch East Indies, the US-controlled Philippines and a string of Pacific islands

World War II in Colour


The air and sea battles for control of Malta

In September 1940, Italian leader Benito Mussolini’s armies advanced into Egypt and opened up a completely new theatre of war. The British were outnumbered by more than 10 to one, but soon pushed the Axis forces back hundreds of miles and Hitler had to send Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps to rescue his ally. Alongside the campaign on the ground, Mussolini staged an epic naval and air war in the Mediterranean, which saw the British fighting to hold on to the strategically vital island of Malta

D-Day: Secret Raids That Won the War

Documentary examining the legendary RAF 617 squadron

Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson


The actor goes on rail journeys around the globe

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