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Today Monday 23 January 2023

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Get Some In!


A newly promoted corporal gets a hero’s welcome

Leave Her to Heaven

Film noir, starring Gene Tierney
1945 – Drama, Romance, Thriller

An emotionally unbalanced woman falls in love with an author who resembles her dead father. But their marriage is followed by a series of tragic deaths, and her new husband comes to realise his wife’s obsessive jealousy is driving her to murder. Film noir, starring Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price and Darryl Hickman


Nautical adventure, starring Mark Stevens
1952 – Adventure

Movie: Mutiny - 1945

The captain of an American ship during the War of Independence finds himself at the mercy of a gang of vicious mutineers loyal to Britain. However, he soon discovers their motive for the uprising is nothing more than a love of gold. Nautical adventure, starring Mark Stevens, Angela Lansbury and Patric Knowles


Western, with Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake
1947 – Western

Movie: Ramrod - 1952

The daughter of a cattle rancher defies her father by marrying a sheep farmer, and takes over running her husband’s land when he dies. However, a powerful landowner is determined to seize her territory for himself. An alcoholic cowhand working for the widow strives to bring about a legal settlement, but a violent range war seems inevitable. Western, with Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake

King of the Khyber Rifles

Adventure, starring Tyrone Power
1953 – Adventure, Drama, Romance

Movie: King of the Khyber Rifles - 1947

Half-Indian Army captain Tyrone Power, struggling to win the respect of his bigoted fellow officers in the Khyber Rifles, is assigned to quell a tribal uprising. Adventure yarn, also starring Terry Moore, Michael Rennie and Guy Rolfe

Away for the Day in 1952

Travelogue about day trips via coach

Crown Court


Part one of three. A teacher is accused of wounding a police officer with a chisel


Murder mystery, starring Nigel Patrick
1959 – Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Movie: Sapphire -

Naked Fury

Crime drama, starring Kenneth Cope
1959 – Crime, Drama

Four crooks bump off a security guard and take his daughter hostage to escape justice, but make the mistake of seeking refuge in a dangerously unstable building. Crime drama, starring Kenneth Cope, Reed De Rouen and Leigh Madison

The Footage Detectives

A nostalgic look at Christmases past

In Suspicious Circumstances

A Brighton murder case

The Main Chance


Gifts in solicitors’ offices can have starting repercussions

Cisco Pike

Crime drama, starring Kris Kristofferson

A small-town drug-dealer is collared by a crooked cop, who blackmails him into offloading his stash. Crime drama, starring Kris Kristofferson, Karen Black, Gene Hackman, Harry Dean Stanton, Antonio Fargas, Viva and Joy Bang

Secret Army


Monique is shot

Joseph Andrews

Period comedy, starring Peter Firth

An 18th-century villager is employed as a personal footman to a seductive aristocrat. Over a series of adventures, he tries to remain loyal to his childhood sweetheart in the face of the advances of both his mistress and a succession of equally lusty ladies. Period comedy, starring Peter Firth, Ann-Margret and Michael Hordern

Death Line

Horror, starring Donald Pleasence
1973 – Horror

Movie: Death Line - 1976

A government official disappears without trace on the London Underground. A cynical police inspector and a couple who were the only witnesses investigate, discovering a string of other missing people are the result of bloodthirsty cannibals lurking in a collapsed tunnel. Horror, starring Donald Pleasence and Norman Rossington, with a cameo appearance by Christopher Lee

Vacant Possession

Recently recovered episode of anthology drama Blackmail


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