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What’s On 5USA Today Monday 23 January 2023

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A senior navy officer dies on the president’s plane

The team is called in to investigate the death of a senior navy officer on board presidential plane Air Force One. Forensic tests indicate the fatality was due to natural causes, but Abby remains convinced he was murdered. US drama, starring Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette



A US marine dies during a parachute exercise

A US marine’s parachute fails to open during a training exercise and he plunges to his death, leaving the team to determine whether he was murdered. The man had a reputation for good fortune and invariably walked away from accidents unscathed – but his luck at the poker table may have cost him dearly. Mark Harmon and David McCallum star



A naval commander’s body is washed ashore

A naval commander’s body is washed ashore along with the bullet-riddled corpses of two drug traffickers, suggesting he was involved in illicit activities. Gibbs refuses to believe the worst and tries to prove the man’s innocence by finding whoever else was involved in the shoot-out. Guest starring Emilie de Ravin (Lost)

Law & Order


A child murderer is killed

A convicted child murderer is struck and left for dead by a motorist just weeks after his prison release, but Fontana and Green are initially unenthusiastic about finding out who ran him over. It is not until the killer dies from his injuries that they investigate inside the prison where he served his sentence – and uncover evidence that leads McCoy to make a startling discovery. Starring Dennis Farina

Law & Order


A wealthy man is murdered in his home

A wealthy man is found beaten to death in his home, prompting detectives Fontana and Green to suspect the victim’s wife and the contractor who installed the security system. McCoy and Southerlyn investigate an affair between the two, and seek to turn them against each other, but a second unexpected crime slows down their case

Law & Order


A rap producer is murdered

A rap producer is found shot dead in his studio and suspicion falls on one of his proteges, a hip-hop artist whose lyrics describe a similar killing. Police link a previous murder to the case, but Southerlyn’s opinions put her sharply at odds with McCoy as the investigation unfolds. Starring Dennis Farina and Jesse L Martin

Law & Order


An undercover reporter is murdered

Fontana and Green investigate the murder of an undercover reporter who was working on a story about a violent street gang known as L-12, following a trail of clues that leads them to a frightened businessman. Realising that his evidence could be vital to cracking the case, McCoy and Borgia urge him to testify – but he refuses to co-operate for fear of reprisals against his imprisoned son

Law & Order


A nurse is arrested on suspicion of running a covert sterilisation campaign

A nurse with a social agenda is arrested on suspicion of performing illegal sterilisations on troubled teenagers without their knowledge – a policy that has resulted in the death of one patient. As McCoy and Borgia prepare their case against her, they discover former ADA Paul Robinette is planning to act for the defence

Law & Order


The team hunts for the baby of a murder victim

Fontana and Green track down a disturbed woman who has not only murdered a young mother and stolen her five-day-old son, but also managed to convince her own husband that the baby is really theirs. As the case goes to trial, another man comes forward claiming to be the child’s real father, leaving McCoy and Borgia facing a dilemma



A US Marine is found dead at a nightclub

As Gibbs recovers from his gunshot wound, the team is called in to investigate the killing of a US Marine and tries to determine whether the crime is related to an alleged case of blackmail at an illegal nightclub. Drama, starring Mark Harmon



A former US Navy Seal escapes from prison

A former US Navy Seal escapes from prison, intent on finding his wife’s real murderer. The break-out sparks a race against time as the NCIS team tries to reach him before he exacts revenge. Mark Harmon, David McCallum and Sasha Alexander star



An agent is found murdered

Gibbs and his team are called in to investigate the murder of a fellow NCIS agent. Seemingly aware that he was about to be killed, the victim is known to have swallowed a memory card relating to a cold case he was working on. Tony goes undercover to glean more information – and gets the surprise of his life. Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly star

The Blacklist


Liz and the team target a vengeful widow

Getting hold of the Fulcrum becomes a matter of life or death for Red when he learns the syndicate is holding a vote in favour of killing him off, while Liz and the team target a vengeful widow who has been framing the businessmen who killed her husband years earlier

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Tutuola teams up with a colleague to find the owner of a brothel

Benson and the team investigate the death of a prostitute at a pop-up brothel. The detectives contemplate if there was foul play was at work or whether this could be a case of a junkie who relapsed, turned to tricking, got depressed and committed suicide. Drama, starring Mariska Hargitay, Kelli Giddish and Ice-T

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


The team investigates the death of a man believed to be a paedophile

Benson and the SVU team investigate the death of a man they believe to be a pedophile. When they dig deeper, they realise things are not what they seem, and as matters progress the case actually hits quite close to home. Drama, starring Mariska Hargitay and Kelli Giddish

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Benson and Stone try to reunite a rescued girl with her mother

After the rescue of a young girl from a sex trafficker, Benson and Stone must take drastic measures to reunite her with her mother. Meanwhile, Rollins decides to give her rocky relationship another chance

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


The team unravels a complicated revenge plot

As a string of break-in assaults grows ever more violent, the team investigates an online incel group to identify a suspect. The complicated revenge plot involves a masked delivery man who attacks a couple in their own home with no apparent motive

The Blacklist


Red exposes a bank’s money-laundering activities

The Blacklist


Liz investigates the black market trade in human organs

Liz, Ressler and Samar investigate the black market trade in human organs run by a deranged doctor, following the discovery of a man with his heart cut out. Meanwhile, Red pursues a lucrative opportunity in Indonesia, but his trip takes a dramatic detour

Criminals: Caught on Camera

The use of CCTV to fight crime

Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces around the nation to discover how CCTV and technological advances are helping to bring criminals to justice. The programme reveals how essential surveillance cameras have become in the fight against crime and features footage of people caught red-handed


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