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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Cancer comes under the spotlight in this episode

Cancer comes under the spotlight in this episode, as the doctors treat a regular patient who is suffering from the repercussions of mouth cancer. Meanwhile, Dr Alison Bolam is concerned when she meets an elderly woman who is throwing up her food, and Dr Tom Pelly meets a mother who is worried about her son’s sudden head movements

The Yorkshire Vet


Peter and Matt help a reindeer having problems with its antler

Peter and Matt head to Cannon Hall Farm, where their old friend Prince the reindeer having problems with its antler. Later, Julian operates on a little West Highland White Terrier called Ted, and Shona visits a litter of puppies on a farm in the middle of a motorway

The Yorkshire Vet


A heavily pregnant sheep struggles to give birth

Peter Wright is struggling to find his feet in his new practice, but when a farmer rushes in with a heavily pregnant sheep who is struggling to give birth, instinct takes over as the vet deals with the emergency. Julian Norton performs surgery on a Bernese mountain puppy that has swallowed several illicit items, while Matt gives Rohin a taste of exotic vetting in Cannon Hall Farm’s reptile house

The Highland Vet


A heavily pregnant mule with a twisted womb is brought in late at night

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A woman who was knocked off her bicycle has problems with her shoulder

A woman who was knocked off her bicycle has problems with her shoulder and Dr Anna Graham is in consultation with a recovering addict who suffers from chronic pain in her legs. Dr Jane Edge treats Coco, who is not yet one year old, but is displaying symptoms normally associated with hayfever, despite it being extremely rare in babies of Coco’s age

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A patient is concerned her neck-down paralysis may be returning

A patient is treated by the doctors as she is concerned her neck-down paralysis may be returning, and former world champion bantamweight boxer Lee Haskins visits the surgery following a recent defeat, worried he may have suffered neurological damage. Meanwhile, a longstanding patient who underwent a heart operation years before is treated after developing a tightness in his chest

The Yorkshire Vet


Julian Norton deals with one of his noisiest patients ever in the shape of Mako the alpaca

Julian Norton deals with one of his noisiest patients ever in the shape of Mako the alpaca who requires treatment on a lump on the size half a football. Meanwhile, Matt heads to see a horse that has been suffering with a nasty choking episode, and an elderly terrier needs surgery on a serious eye problem

The Yorkshire Vet


Julian Norton treats a hedgehog with a badly injured leg

Julian Norton treats a hedgehog that has been brought into the Boroughbridge practice with a badly injured leg, and in Huddersfield, a farmer brings in a heavily pregnant ewe that is struggling to give birth. Elsewhere, Peter Wright heads back to the Teasdales’ farm, where he recently delivered a healthy calf

The Highland Vet


A farmer brings in a baby otter he has found freezing in one of his fields

Walking Victorian Britain


The cotton industry in 19th-century Lancashire and West Yorkshire

Onyeka Nubia visits Lancashire and West Yorkshire to find out how cotton was Britain’s greatest export in the 19th century. He begins his walk in Queen Street Mill, the world’s last surviving steam-powered weaving mill, before stepping into the Victorian classroom

The Yorkshire Vet


Peter Wright battles to deliver lambs who are jumbled up and stuck inside their mum

Peter Wright battles to deliver lambs who are stuck inside their mum, but is shocked by what he finds, while Julian Norton deals with an angry parrot that escapes in the surgery. A peaceful walk turns into a nightmare when a rescue lurcher is attacked by another dog, and Peter has a bright idea and calls on his new, young, farming friend Abbie to help his old pals Jean and Steve

Atlantic: A Year in the Wild


Summer sees the North Atlantic is at its warmest, though food is still limited

In the Atlantic’s extreme north region, summer is short and food limited. Three of the five Arctic fox cubs have already left home – and time is running out for the remaining two. The two white-tailed eagle chicks have fed well and are now almost the size of their parents. They have out grown their nest, so it’s time to take their first flight. For puffins, leaving home means jumping from their cliff top nests 600ft to the ocean below. Further south, in southern Spain’s Donana National Park, dung beetles benefit from the rare Retueta horses, while in the UKs shallow coastal waters, sea horses dance, basking sharks gorge and blue sharks scavenge

Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson


The changes farmers are making to their businesses to survive

Countryfile presenter and farmer Adam Henson examines the changes farmers are making to their businesses to survive, from transforming drab barns into luxuriously usable spaces to tapping into the lucrative tourist trade and maximising profit with farm-to-fork ventures. He begins at Castlehill Farm, where Ian and Karen Taylor’s children are keen for their parents to find a new source of income to keep them going in their retirement

Forged in Fire


The smiths must forge a Sica sword

Forged in Fire


The bladesmiths are tasked to achieve one of six Damascus patterns for their first round blade

The bladesmiths are tasked to achieve one of six Damascus patterns for their first round blade, and must choose wisely as the ladder to victory is full of twists as the smiths stack, weld and repeat, trying to forge optimum blades under their specified parameters

Inside the Steam Train Museum


The staff throw a Halloween event

Phil and Stuart go to huge efforts decorating the site with home-made pumpkin-scarecrows, graveyards and mummies in preparation for Halloween. Brian cooks breakfast on a shovel for the engine drivers and John tells ghost stories from the fairground. As the event gets under way, the museum’s enthusiastic volunteers dress up in costume to scare the public on the ghost train, while retired minister David entertains the passengers on the journey

Lighthouses: Building the Impossible


Rob Bell profiles the Longstone lighthouse off the coast of Northumberland

Rob Bell explores the spiritual home of lifesaving – the Longstone lighthouse off the coast of Northumberland, scene of a much discussed rescue attempt by the Victorian lighthouse keeper’s daughter, Grace Darling. Rob sees why the lonely beauty of the Farne Islands is not only a refuge for wildlife, but also a deadly trap for mariners seeking refuge from the tempestuous North Sea

Walking Britain’s Roman Roads


Roman roads Dere Street and Stanegate

Dan Jones explores Roman roads Dere Street, the northern-most Roman road in Britain running from York to Scotland, and Stanegate, a key east-west route that runs alongside the great defensive barrier of Hadrian’s Wall. His journey reveals the story of Roman military and its colonial ambitions in Britain

Forged in Fire


Two smiths face-off to forge an intricate weapon

Four smiths must rely on their mathematical skills to determine the amount the steel needed to make their signatures blades. After a couple of calculating rounds, two smiths return home to build the intricate M1905 Springfield Bayonet

Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson


The actor goes on rail journeys around the globe

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