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This is our Generic Classic TV Image
This is our Generic Classic TV Image

UK / ITV – LWT / 6×30 minute episodes / 14 March – 18 April 1981 Sunday 10.00pm

Writers: Andrew Marshall, David Renwick / Producer: Humphrey Barclay / Director: John Reardon

Sitcom. The world’s leaders send the planet hurtling towards nuclear Armageddon.

With:- BARRY MORSE as Johnny Cyclops / JOHN BARRON as The Deacon / BRUCE MONTAGUE as Shah Mashiq Rassim / DAVID KELLY as Abdab / RICHARD GRIFFITHS as Premier Dubienkin / ALEXEI SAYLE as Commisar Solzhenitsyn / ED BISHOP as Jay Garrick / JOHN CLEESE as Lacrobat / GEOFFREY PALMER as Foreign Secretary / PETER JONES as Kevin Pork

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